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Dai Gurren Dan!


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We do it right.

Not a guild per se, but awesome none-the-less. Totally not made in spite or ego. Totally. We can just have a sub v. dub fight. Or something. For the lulz, guys. For the lulz.


KICK REASON TO THE CURB. *runs off to listen to the TTGL OST*

And the only cosplay item you guys are gettin' outta me is a pair of Kamina shades, because if you can make a giant version appear outta NOWHERE and then use it as a BOOMERANG, you deserve some sort of tribute.

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Ehehee. I usually don't do things like this. (In fact, I tend to dislike rabid fans of anything.) Buuuuut, if it concerns TTGL, it has to be done, really. I don't think I've watched a series quite drenched in win and epic as TTGL, hence the rabid fan thing. Not to mention, the soundtrack is amazingly amazing. Iwasaki's work is awesome.

Now, on topic with the forum this thread's in, I see your 'wise guy' and raise you one 'ORLY now.'

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