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PSI - Sci-Fi/Fantasy RP


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Thanks to a good bit of insomnia, I decided to start up an RP. At 6 in the morning. (Though I'm sure it'll be much later by the time I'm done writing stuff.) And done writing this monstrosity two hours later. Boosha.

I have a few rules when I run an RP, so read 'em before you try to tackle the wall-of-text that is the plot and such.

0. Do not post in this thread until we start the RP and I kick things off! Please PM me things!

1. Grammar is a must. If you don't have a good grasp of the English language, run your posts through a spell check. And for the love of sanity, I'd really rather not see misplaced/used apostrophes. Also, stick to 3rd person to the best of your ability. I think of RPs as giant collaborative stories or sorts, so let's keep it uniform.

2. A few things that should really go without saying, no god-modding, 'forcing' another character to do something (unless you have good reason to, or it would be highly in-character), and making yourself the center of attention. No one wants anyone else to be more important.

3. Keep it PG13, guys.

4. PM your references and plot suggestions to me, in order to keep this thread nice n' spiffy-looking.

5. AT LEAST one paragraph (3-5 sentences) per post. I don't want to see lame filler-sentences either. If you only have one line to say, it's probably not worth posting, from past experience.

More rules to be added as people make fools of themselves. Now, with that done, here's the RP itself:


(Personal Spirit Interface)

Set in a world entirely seperate from Earth, Endrenth is highly advanced by our standards. The weapons industry and field of genetic alteration are at their peak, as are advances in anti-gravity transportation and medicine. Endrenth also has a device called 'PSI': a small computer of sorts that can be in the form of a watch, pendant, glove, etc. The device itself is a 'jewel' that contains various bits of data. The item the jewel is attached to serves as medium between the data and its host/user. The user, upon 'equipping' (for lack of better term) a PSI, is bound to it. The jewel reads physical, mental, and emotional data from its host, and then gives that data a physical form that can be conjured at will.

Essenium, the energy used to materialize spirits, exists on a plane parallel but seperate from Endrenth. Part of PSI's coding allows it to temporarily break the wall, causing the essenium to react to the human willpower stored within the PSI.

A hologram-screen can be activated with a voice command that displays four statistics: VP, STR, DEF, SPC.

VP = Vitality point. Each point is equal to one hour of 'safe' summon time. Any longer than that and there could be adverse effects on the user's well-being.

STR = Strength. One to ten scale, one being low. How much physical force a spirit can exert.

DEF = Defense. One to ten scale, one being low. How densely packed a spirit's particles are.

SPC = Speciality. One to ten scale, one being low. How well a spirit can manipulate unformed particles of essenium. This can be used for kinesis and 'magic.'

Spirits themselves can be all sorts of things, from monsters, to humanoids, to trinkets that allow their user to throw around balls of condensed gravity (but no so condensed as to be a black hole, mind you.) Another type changed the shape of their user, wholly or partially. Even still, you could also find someone that has a hybrid of the afore mention. (Such as a ferret-like creature that can shapeshift into bangle that allows for the manipulation of heat.)

(TL;DR- You have a nifty device with a shiny on it that lets you summon something. Why something as overused as a shiny? I dunno.)


Now, for the plot? That's really up to the players. I wouldn't want to force some lame plot on you guys. You're too awesome for that. So instead, I want you guys to PM me plot ideas based on the following, and I'll post the good ones here so we can have a vote. (Probably in another thread.)

The story will be set in Dolsen, a city-state ruled under an archaeic monarchy rife with civil conflict OR Dalaruth, a technological city infamous for its bandits and permanently smoggy-red sky. Or both. Either way, there are several main 'factions' in the world. (Each has a leader pictured here. Old fail drawing is old and fail, but I can't be arsed to update it now.)

From left to right...(The leaders are unlikely to show up, but it could happen. I like to run RPs sorta like D&D. The players get to choose what to do, but ultimately, I'm in charge. : ) )

Phage Vallour is the leader of Nyx, group of vigilantes. They don't trust the Knights to do their job of protecting the citizens, since most of the members think the government is a load of crap. Dress in normal street clothes, but perhaps with a pieces of armor or hidden weapons.

Fain Covell leads the Knights, and is an aquaintance of Phage's. The Knights are a government-run 'police force' of sorts. They're the peacekeepers, and aren't quite as corrupt as everyone likes to think. If anything, their leader tries to keep things together. Typical attire is ye olde armor, including 'faceless peon' helmets. Gotta love the fight scene fodder. *cough*

Lydia Fenos commands PSIHACK. One of the people behind the essenium research project, she has a few experiments that she'd like to 'forget'. In order to aid in her hunt for these experiments, she created a group of skilled fighters. However, due to her quiet and nondemanding nature, the group has evolved into PSIHACK, a gathering of intelligent hackers who specialize in, well, hacking PSIs in order to use someone's spirit against them.

Dude in the middle is Jayce Ruthien. He's the crown prince woopdeedoo main character in the original story. He's a pansy.

Captain Awesome, I mean Egi 'Garu' Prillis, runs a group of mercenaries. They have similar motivations as Nyx, but are interested in money than 'justice.'

Rasvelg is in charge of BIOSUnion, people who are pro-alteration. From a mere glance, you can tell he no longer looks completely human.

Krause Lennoir decided to start up a PSI-fighter league. As egotistical and obnoxious as it gets, he runs 'official' tournaments for PSI-fighters to test their mettle. He even has a pseudo-colosseum built just for his tournaments. Some people hang out around the arena to participate in unofficial matches for practice and fun. The people that do that are often called members of the "Fighter's Guild." How this got started will never be known.

Helena Orwitz is that English teacher who always looked at you funny and had a bible on her desk. ...If that does not apply to you, then you are lucky, I say. Anyways, she's an afluent socialite, who is vehemently against all forms of alteration. Claiming it's against god's (keeping it lowercase, don't want to offend anyone) will and a crime against creation, she's amassed quite a following. The relations between these 'purists' and the BIOSUnion are unfriendly, but not usually hostile or violent.



[b]Name[/b]: (What people call you.)
[b]Age[/b]: (Not everyone is a teenager, guys. Old people exist. *gasp*)
[b]Build[/b]: (height/weight, or guesstimate, like 'lanky')
[b]Faction[/b]: (if any)
[b]Appearance[/b]: (if possible, describe OR draw your character. I'm personally a visual person, to the point of drawing other peoples' characters, so pictures are fine, AS LONG AS they are not of a character directly from an anime or something. If you're writing, I don't want to see two sentences. Be descriptive, people. And you are allowed to have a genetically altered character. Have fun with the alterations. Lately, animal-types are old and mix-and-matching things to make mythical beast changes are awesome. But no wings. Unless they're small and cannot be used for flight.)
[b]Personallity[/b]: (Very important thing here. If we're going to have people posting at least a paragraph per post, they're going to have to know how they should have your character act and react to things.)
[b]Likes[/b]: (cake)
[b]Dislikes[/b]: (the cake being a lie)
[b]Background[/b]: (since I suck at these, I won't require some rediculous detailed backstory for your character. Just enough to 'know' them a little better.)
Other: (In case you want to add something not covered above, like their cooking ability, or something.)
[b]Skills/Weapon[/b]: (Since combat is likely, does your character have good reflexes? A strong punch? Do they use a gun or more primitive weapon, or none at all? If they're altered, do they fight using claws, a tail, etc.? Is their PSI their primary weapon? Off-the-wall weapons are fine in my book. In the original story, there was someone who used a pair of beam-shovels and had a talking hat that spat fire for a spirit. I don't quite know how messed up you'd have to be for your spirit to be a talking, fire-breathing hat, but hey.)


[b]Type[/b]: (Magic/Kinesis Trinket, full-shapeshift, partial shift, creature, weapon, or hybrid of up to 2)
[b]Appearance[/b]: (Again, don't take something from an anime or the like.)
[b]Personallity[/b]: (talking to your spirit is similar to talking with your gut instinct or conscience. How your spirit acts reflects your true thought and motivation, so people could tell if you're just 'acting tough' or if you're really kick-ass. Things that can't normally speak, such as weapons, instead communicate with their masters using telepathy. The master still has to speak aloud, though.)
[b]VP[/b]: (Vitality point. Ranges from 1-5 or so. Each point is equal to one hour of 'safe' summon time. Any longer than that and there could be adverse effects on the user's well-being. Also affects how much damage a spirit can sustain until it reverts to basic essenium.)
[b]STR[/b]: (Strength. One to ten scale, one being low. How much physical force a spirit can exert. Useful for creature and shift types.)
[b]DEF[/b]: (Defense. One to ten scale, one being low. How densely packed a spirit's particles are. Useful for weapons, despite being called 'defense.')
[b]SPC[/b]: (Speciality. One to ten scale, one being low. How well a spirit can manipulate unformed particles of essenium. This can be used for kinesis and 'magic.' Useful for trinkets that allow the user to 'cast magic.')
[b]PSI Device Appearance[/b]: (Can be an sort of accessory or the like, as long as it has a sort of round jewel somewhere on it.)

Keep the bold tags in there. It helps with organization and quick reference. : )

WALL OF TEXT AAAAAAAAAA. Anyways, if you actually read all of that, then you're probably not going to need to write an RP sample.

And I'm sure it's confusing as all hell, so PM me any questions.

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