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The legend has arrived...


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...But i think it's not here. So in the meantime, why don't you stay and read a little about me? :P

Whoever knows me, knows me, and whoever doesn't know me, then shall know me. I was led here by luke and joined because i think this The World game and the site overall have alot of potential of succeeding and becoming awesome, it just needs some time and alot of help from everyone. Sadly, i don't think i can help much on the currenly needed stuff for the game, because my programming/designer experience doesn't goes farther than making a C++ Galaga where you don't die after running out of lives and messing around maps and sprites for a Pokemon Crystal Hack, and even if i can be very dedicated i know that good intentions aren't enough D: However, i'll help being an active member as possible and populating the currently-deserted The World. Also, if you think my little knowledges can be helpful enough, even if it's just to finish a character model that's like 3 pixels from being done but you can't finish it because you seriously need to go to the bathroom, you're free to call me. You'll easily find me in the Inn in the game, i'll be there almost all time as long as the server is on (unlike now, apparently -_-'), and though i can move around at randomly i don't think you'll have trouble finding me XD

Hope to have fun with everyone around here :D

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