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haseo a 100% newb to the world in GU?


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Read and be enlightened.

Firstly, concerning rengeki, he knew about it. When Silabus and Gaspard come across Drained Haseo, they think he is a noob, and proceed to "teach" him. Call it an ingame tutorial. He learns about rengeki from Ioyten and Asta, 8 months before.

Haseo was not leveled up illegally, instead, Harald advanced him past his second form to the third, because Haseo could not show compassion enough to care about Aura (or even think about it rationally).

Harald left himself in the game from the "black box" data he left in the beta game, fragment. CC corp did not know what it was, and just threw it into the game, eventually causing the events of .hack//sign, and the first four volumes. Morganna "killed" Haralds copies when Mimiru and Bear, and BT discover Harald in the upside down dungeon, accessed by using a fairy orb on delta Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, to uncover the twilight eye. Morganna finds that Harald was still around, and presumably deletes most of his copies, though evidently, some still remain even in R2.

Secondly, Haseo practically skipped from about level 30-40 to level 133. Now, the game is a bit broken, and has to make half the people in the arena over level 100 just to give the player a challenge when your 150 with doppleganger gear, but in reality, there were not that many high level characters in .hack//GU Powerful people were considered 80+. Like Bordeaux, who comes into your party at 87. Haseo, being 133, was not skilled. He didn't gain the skill, that his player, not the character needed to be truly good. His PC was just so brutishly powerful, few could stand up to him. I believe Phyllo was 150, due to his ability to stand up to AFK, and beat down Gord. I believe Gord is level 60-70. Haseo lacked skill, if you remember in the anime, I cannot remember her name right now, but what she did is allowed players to attack her, and if they managed to land a hit, they doubled their bet or whatever. That kind of player has levels AND skill. As such, Haseo couldn't beat her. The game simply makes Haseo look stupid, partially because he never had to level up much himself, and partially to be an ingame tutorial for people just picking up the new game.

Haseo's magic. Haseo refused to use his healing abilities, because they failed to save Shino after Ovan PKed her.

Haseo was data drained, not because he attacked AFK (Azure Flame Kite), or even was an illegal character. AFK simply knew Ovan, a huge "data bug" was coming, and took steps to confront him. Ovan tipped Haseo off, because he knew AFK would be there. AFK attempted to move Haseo, because Haseo insisted on being in the way. When Ovan, AFK's primary target entered the cathedral, AFK used data drain, regardless of what it may do to Haseo.

Finally, I think this is all I need to write to tie up some loose ends in this post, Haseo is Sora from the .hack//sign series. If you need proof, .hack wiki him up, then wiki sora. Compare names, and ages, and appearance.

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i just saw the second movie for GU vol1, and it seems as if haseo is totally new to the world (and pkers), even though he's a hardcore pkker in roots, which is before gu... :S


i just thought, if he gets data drained by tri edge, then i guess he gets total amnesia, so he is really put back to the very start of the everything

edit2: i just read the comments on the youtube trailer, and apparently that scene is from around the start of roots, which makes sense

That does happen.  Watch more.

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