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It's the I'm posting in this topic everyday topic!


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Post for September 19th!

Only played DQ7 for like an hour. Had a headache, now i'm slightly stuck. Game is the shit!


1 hour ago, Crim said:

hahahaha. no. it has nothing to do with resident evil. which i am glad for.
 its more like a sword art online like thing where a dude is in the real world, and now he isnt.. except, i wouldnt say he is in a game. its really good.

Ah SA:O, the show i thought about watching but never did. Bought one of the PS4 games when it was on sale. Not Resident Evil: Zero the anime sounds kind of interesting. Maybe i will watch it eventually.... possibly!

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Post for September 21st!

Woo DQ7 is fun. Liking it, though  i gotta free up some of them inventory slots!

Beat RE4 again, on my 4th playthrough, 

More TV shows are starting, i'm already getting more and more shows to watch every night >.<.


23 hours ago, gm112 said:

Are you going to play Sword Art Online VR, FISSURE? :hawthorneluke: 

Nope, i might not be able to even see the VR effect. I'm already not able to see the 3D effect from the 3DS.


5 hours ago, Crim said:

:hawthorneluke: lets flip a luke and find out. face, yes, back, no.

You can't flip people dammit crim!

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Post for September 22nd!, just realized another month has past for my topic postings!

We rented the TMNT game for the PS4 for a couple of days. It has a confusing amount of stuff going on during the fights for me lol. Beat 2 stages.

Beat another boss in DQ7. Game is fun. The bosses are getting harder.


7 hours ago, Crim said:

you can't? oh, that explains why the last person I tried flipping didn't flip well.

Maybe you will learn the Ancient Art of people flipping Crim. You're the flipping one!

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Post for September 23rd!


We brought back turtles today, i have about 3 levels left so i'll beat it if we rent it again. We rented the new Deus Ex game, it's... ok i guess. There's a cutscene i can't seem to turn off every time my dude uses stealth attacks. It's annoying. Got to a new town in DQ7. Game is still fun!

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Post for September 24th!

I played some Breach minigame in Deux Ex. I got to the 2nd level. Some guys wouldn't let me pass so i shot one of them then everyone shot me. I don't think i did it right. It's an ok game i guess. Not really a fan of the series. Walked through a cave in DQ7 and stumbled onto a boss fight and managed to win with luck. Go luck! Game is awesome.


Trying to go through Ghostbusters on PS4. It's ok. It's not all that fun.


23 hours ago, gm112 said:

I summon Hawthorneluke to this thread to ask his opinion on Persona 5

You missed your mark to say Hawthsona!


20 hours ago, Crim said:


i watched the persona 5 intro anime thing. Was pretty good.

That's the spirit! You have been converted to Persona.

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Post for September 26th!

Figured out a cheat for Vice City, have a million monies now! My 3DS is charging, DQ7 is still fun. In a cave. Gotta eventually go back and go down stairs as there may be an item there.


2 hours ago, gm112 said:

i charrange fissule TO DUERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.




I accept your charrange GEEM!



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Post for September 27th!

It would have been 3 days until FF15. Screw you Squeenix!

Got to the vocation changing place in DQ7, game is fun. Loving it.

Pretty sure i'm getting the flu, woo. if this somehow kills me in my sleep, which i don't think it will. But on the off chance it does then someone email Squeenix this:

"You guys took too long in making FF15 and KH3, make game faster you CUNTS!!!!"

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Post for September 28th!

It would have been a little under two days until FF15. Sigh.As always, Screw you Squeenix.

Gotta buy properties and complete missions in GTA VC to unlock the last few missions >.<.

Bought a PS2 Classic game, Okage Shadow King i think it's called. Not sick anymore.


6 hours ago, Fragment said:

All at once everyone was shocked.

Hope is a tricky thing though as this could disappear as easily as it came.

I am completely lost in this conversation >.>.

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