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Welcome to .hack//The Rebirth, a non-canon universe.

?The World?
Sora logs into the game for the first time and tests out the game's mechanics.

?The Setting?
These events take place in a hacked version of ?The World?, in other words, a private server ran by an anonymous group or person, after the official server shut down. A lot has changed with the game since then, regardless if it was intended or not.


?The Manual?

Pretty much a dictionary for the RP.

Very useful for reference as to what changes has been introduced.


- - -

The initial post is in OOC but try to avoid using OOC in the thread as much as possible. PM the person instead.
If you will be posting OOC content after this, please wrap it up with parentheses. (( OOC message like so )).

The title has nothing to do with Ovan, or the Epitaphs.

Before posting for the first time, please ask permission. Forum PM me with the profile of your character. 
There's no required format. You're not required to write your character's history too, as anything that isn't within the game is worthwhile.
Please keep abilities and actions pretty normal and low-key for now, let's save the more outrageous stuff for later.
Your first forum post need not start from character creation, unless there's some worthwhile info there.
Mine was just so to give people the idea of how characters are made in the game, I guess.

Once we gather more people, a posting order will be applied and you will be informed of who goes after who.
Please be active as much as you can. I know real life can be a hassle sometimes, but please post at least once a week.
If someone has been inactive for some time, please PM me so we can have the next person post instead.

Please read everything before you post and backtrack to previous posts, in case you've missed anything, if applicable.
Your posts can be as long or short as you want, but please try to put in as much effort and detail as you can.

The beginner classes are limited to the G.U. universe, as of now. Adept Rogue, Blade Brandier, Edge Punisher, Flick Reaper, Harvest Cleric, Lord Partizan, Macabre Dancer, Shadow Warlock, Steam Gunner, Tribal Grappler and Twin Blade. Although expect a lot of "secret classes" in the near future.

Also, please check back here every now and then as I will be introducing new information regularly.

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Additional damage and a small chance to inflict the ?Cripple? status every time melee attacks land a clean hit.

Small chance to inflict the ?Stun? status every time heavy melee attacks are blocked.

Higher base HP and HP regeneration rate.

Higher chance to activate ?Tenacity?.

?Agility?Additional damage every time ?Momentum? is performed.Higher base movement speed, and supplements skills like Skill Dash, Ghost Step, Wall Run.Higher attack speed (both skill and non-skill attacks).Higher chance to activate ?Overdrive?.?Dexterity?Additional damage for ?Steam Gunners?.Small chance to inflict the ?Terminal? status every time a ?Critical? hit lands.Increased Quality of Movement, in a way that unccessary movements are ommitted.Reduces required concentration from players whenever doing difficult maneuvers.?Magic?Additional damage whenever ?Elemental Damage? is performed.Higher effectiveness of attack and support spells.Higher resistance to spells of all kinds.Slightly reduces spell cooldown.Slightly increases chances of status changing spells.- - -Battle Jargon ?Critical? Damage dealt increases by 1.5. ?Critical? hits are achieved by hitting the right spots, at the right time. It is heavily dependent on the player's concentration and the PC's ?Dexterity? and ?Agility?.?Momentum?Damage dealt increases by 1.5. ?Momentum? is achieved by connecting well prepared blows, usually achieved by charging before an attack.?Elemental Damage? Damage dealt increases by 1.5. ?Elemental Damage? is achieved by using an opposing element against a target.?Tenacity? Upon reaching 0 HP, there's a chance you will recover 1-10% of your HP.?Overdrive? Overall speed is increased twofold.?Magic Wall?Damage inflicted is dealt towards SP, instead of HP.- - -Status Effects ?Cripple? Inflicted player suffers a randomly generated deduction on all their parameters. Can be cured by any Repth spell or a healing item.?Stun?Inflicted player suffers from a 1 or 2 second paralysis. Can be cured by any Repth spell or healing item.?Bleeding? Inflicted player loses a portion of their life every time said player takes a certain number of steps, attacks or uses any skill. Can be cured by any Repth spell, or healing item.?Terminal?Marks the target as ?Terminal? and dies within the next 2 or 3 seconds. Only works on certain monsters.?Poison? Inflicted player loses a portion of their life every time said player takes a certain number of steps, attacks or uses any skill. Can be cured by Rip Duk, or Antidote Soda.?Seal? Inflicted player loses the ability to use spells or skills. Can be cured by Rip Fin, or Solution Soda.- - -Weapon Types and Affinities Broad SwordPros: High damage and is effective against everything, if it hits. Effective against shelled monsters, too.Cons: With the size of the weapon, delay between attacking and defending is longer. It is also has the slowest method of attack of all the melee weapons.One-Handed SwordPros: Exceptionally versatile and can adjust to any situation. Decent speed and attack.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Other than flexibility, it does not boast any other good traits.ScythePros: Wide range of attack. Depending on the skill used, can be effective against flying enemies, too.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Slower than the One-Handed Sword and the Dual Daggers.SpearPros: Long range of attack. Depending on the skill used, can be effective against shelled and flying enemies, too.Cons: Methods of attacking are very limited, due to the fact only stabbing attacks are possible in most cases. FistPros: Extremely fast rate of attack, and due to that, has a higher chance of activating ?Overdrive?. Above average HP and movement speed. Depending on the skill used, can be effective against shelled enemies, too.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Despite the above average HP, their defense is terribly low. They are vulnerable because don't have the ability to dodge or block most attacks.Dual DaggerPros: Extremely fast rate of attack, and due to that, has a higher chance of activating ?Overdrive?. Above average movement speed. Depending on the skill used, can be effective against flying enemies and can cause the ?Bleeding? status, too.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Despite their fast rate of attack, they deal smaller amounts of damage per hit, which makes it susceptible to damage nulling skills and equipment. Their defense is below average, as well.BayonetPros: Longest range of attack. Has the highest chance of landing ?Critical? hits and inflicting ?Terminal? status. Decent versatility, as they can use their bayonets as melee weapons in close combat.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Despite their high ?Critical? rate, their rate of attack is not very fast. Bayonets aren't suited for melee combat, as well.Staff and GrimoirePros: Increases ?Magic? parameter.Cons: No real attack or defense value.FanPros: Increases ?Magic? parameter. Decent defense value.Cons: Not as effective when pitted against heavy armor. Slightly ineffective against medium armor.

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After the fall of ?The World R:2?, CC Corp. developed a new game, respectively called ?The World R:3?.The game in itself had a lot of similarities with the previous version, that most dubbed it R:2.5. Of course, the changes were mostly welcome within the community, however, it wasn't enough to drive up enough much needed revenue.You see, CC Corp. had invested a lot of money to cover up a lot of things. And this string of bad choices finally caught up with their finances.After a year of struggle, CC Corp. had reached the end of it's rope and has filed bankruptcy. Naturally, ?The World? was discontinued and thousands of players were forced to say goodbye to their favorite online game.Shortly after, an anonymous e-mail was sent to previous players which only contained one line."Do you want to go back to ?The World??"You are one of those people who replied. However, you never got a response.. immediately, anyway.Several years later, you received another anonymous e-mail. It contained an encrypted link, consisting of random letters, numbes, dashes and slashes. You decided to click on it and it led you to something unexpected, to a distant memory. The official server of ?The World? had been down for three years, yet there you were, looking at the registration page of ?The World?. Nothing has changed about the registration process. Just as you thought it was an elaborate hoax, you received another anonymous e-mail, again, with only one enigmatic line."Welcome back to ?The World?."You received a package a day later, it had no return shipping address, too. Inside was a VR helmet and a manual. Technology hasn't been developing as fast as we thought it would, and most of the technology we used in playing VRMMOs hadn't seen much significant change; it looked just like the one you used back when you played ?The World?.

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The warmth caused by the friction of my skin against the bed's linen cover slowly disappeared and everything went dark.According to the manual, my senses should come back to me one by one any minute now.My hearing returned first. "Welcome to ?The World?. Please input your real name."My sight returned second. Everything around me became visible as if I had just opened my eyes after a long sleep.I was floating in the middle of what appeared to be an endless, white space. A floating, blue colored keyboard stared at me.I touched every letter of my name with the tip of my finger and the floating console flashed a bright green, as if accepting my entry.?Thank you. Please enter your PC name.?They say that on the official server of ?The World? amassed a two million player count over the course of just one week and, of course, it wasn't strange for somebody to use such a popular name. Luckily, the game seemed to have been just released, so there was still a lot of available names to choose from. I typed in the name of the protagonist from my favorite fantasy manga. I ended up going with Sora, written in Kanji. ?Thank you. Character creation will now proceed to PC customization.?A list of lifeless, half-naked and predefined avatars appeared in front of me. Each time I wanted to look at a different set of avatars, I would wave my hand to the left. I was especially finicky when it came to creating game characters but when I reached page 142 of 169, I knew that I had spent too much time. I decided to go with the avatar that had my favorite shade of purple as it's hair color, with a sallow face and fish-like eyes. There was.. a lot of work to be done.A ridiculous amount of dials appeared a few inches from my PC. I waddled through the space between me and my PC.Each dial corresponded to the body part it was nearest to and could control everything from your character?s build down to the length of your character?s eyelashes. With this ultra extensive character creation screen, you could truly achieve a ?unique? character that you could claim your own. I always thought that customizing your character's look was half the fun in playing a game like this, and after God knows how long, I managed to salvage my character from it?s hideous appearance and came up with an absolute beauty.?Thank you. Character creation will now proceed to parameter allocation.?A list of parameters appeared and I hovered my index finger over each of the parameters and received an explanation from the system.There were more, but I decided that it would be more fun to learn about it while playing. Another thing that confused me was that some of the skills mentioned didn't exist in the previous versions of ?The World?, but in the end, it only added to my excitement. I began to play around with my parameters and after a while of juggling the available points between the different options, I finally nodded and was satisfied.As if the system was monitoring each of my actions, it immediately showed me the confirmation box.?Are you sure you want to create this character??That's right. In this version of ?The World?, they say that classes aren't chosen from character creation.Rather, you would have to achieve it in-game, after doing a series of quests. A lot has changed.I pressed ?Yes?.As if that button acted as a switch, the gravity turned back on and I felt a sinking sensation.I descended to the latest reincarnation, or should I say interpretation, of ?The World?.

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I leveled my vision and looked around the large steam powered city, ?Mac Anu?. It was a maze of streets, canals and bridges. Behind me was the ?Chaos Gate?, the main form of transportation in and out of the areas of ?The World?. A lengthy bridge sprawled in front of me and the ?Chaos Gate?. The scene was very familiar and very nostalgic at the same time. This place used to be packed with players chatting, trading or just hanging out. Now, it was completely empty.I called out the menu with my voice.A floating window appeared inches from my face. Nothing has changed much from the options.In fact, it looked just like previous version of ?The World?'s menu. I didn't care who ran and hosted the game, at the moment, being all nostalgic and everything.But from reading the manual, it didn't seem like CC Corp. had anything to do with this.I opened the equipment tab and found that I had several equipment available.?Spin Gai Gu? ?Broad Demon?, ?Gun Steel?, ?Blade Guifei?, just to name a few. All were starting, level 1 weapons. I didn't receive any magical weapons, maybe because I hadn't raised my ?Magic? parameter much and the system gave me weapons I would be best suited with. I didn't receive any starting equipment from the ?Tribal Grappler? class, too. I just assumed I would have to fight, bare-fisted, until then. If I remember correctly, the manual said we were free to try out any weapon of our choice until level three. Then, level progression would stop until we complete a class change quest, wherein we could choose from the available classes."The manual said something about secret classes too, but.."I decided to equip the ?Blade Guifei? since I played as a ?Blade Brandier? during the previous version.I also checked on my armor, ?Flower Kimono? but obviously, it was already equipped.I ran down the copper colored bridge to the central part of the city, in hopes of finding other players. Upon arriving, all that greeted me was the town's familiar quest NPC, a ?Vital Vista? who wore colorful clothing. I walked to the NPC and triggered a dialog. "Welcome to ?Mac Anu?'s quest shop. What quest would you like to take?"A familiar floating window appeared right in front of the NPC. That hasn't changed, too.The previous quests I completed from the previous version appeared on the monitor, and they were all even marked with a check."Looks like this really is ?The World?, after all.. huh?" My voice trailed off as I saw something I wasn't expecting.Just below the list of achieved quests, were several others that were neither written in English nor Japanese. No, these weren't even words at all, but random and inverted symbols. Perplexed, I closed the window and continued to explore the rest of ?Mac Anu?. It seemed larger now that I think about it. Or maybe it was because there wasn't anybody else here but me? Come to think of it, this would only be possible if I was allowed access into the game during a server-wide maintenance. Of course, that couldn't be the case because the game's host has closed down for years now.I looked up. The bronze colored sky was littered with enormous pillars of steam and gondolas travelling back and forth from high-reaching towers.I continued on this pattern for half an hour only to end up encountering similar anomalies with the town's NPC. Some had distorted dialog while the others had parts of their sprites missing. While the whole thing was weird, I decided to let it pass. After all, it has been a long time since I was able to play the game and the nostalgia was just too strong. "I'll just.. try adventuring, I guess."Travelling back to the ?Chaos Gate?, I noticed something.. different about it too.During previous versions of ?The World?, a virtual keyboard would appear where you could choose from the available ?Area Words?.Then, it would generate the ?Area? summary and display it on a virtual monitor, like the average level and the type of monsters you would likely find.The most important information, though, is the goal for each ?Area.?"In this version.."I touched the pendulum, activating it. I could've sworn I felt electricity travel from it to my finger. A flurry of words started flashing across the ?Chaos Gate?'s deep, blue sphere. Surprisingly, the ?Chaos Gate? chose the three Area Words at random and flashed an emerald color.?? Delta Soaring Hopeful Eagle?.A light enveloped me. My vision, again, went black. I was all too familiar with the process of warping.Soon enough, gravity should pull me back down.I spawned in the middle of a three island area. Each island was connected by a small, wooden bridge. Each of the islands looked simple enough; trees littered here and there; treasure chests were guarded by two, sometimes three low level goblin monster.Although the Area didn't specify a goal, there wasn't anything else to do but defeat all of the monsters and grab all the treasure.The manual said that in order to materialize equipped weapons, I would have to call it out by it's name, followed by a drawing action.I reached behind my back, and as if drawing something out from it, I yelled. "?Blade Guifei!?" Flashy light effects came from an invisible scabbard and I felt something physical materialize in between my fingers. By the time I knew it, I was holding the digital sword in my hand. Hell yeah.I walked behind a ?Goblin Rookie's? blind side and tried to remember how to activate skills.If I remember correctly, I need to call out the skill's name while maintaining a certain stance. I placed both feet firmly on the ground. "?Sword Flash!?"As if my digital body had been possessed by the system, it started moving automatically. My PC started sprinting towards the ?Goblin Rookie? as fast as my ?Agility? rating allowed me and performed a three-hit slash.The slashes landed more accurately than normal, due to my high ?Dexterity? rating and ended up dealing more damage. The goblin fell to the ground, colorless and dead, and eventually faded. It's partner was already coming at me, though.It rushed towards me, swinging it's small goblin flail. I dodged the first blow and countered with two, well placed slashes. It's HP went down to twenty five percent. I smiled and everything I had loved about ?The World? came back to me.By the time I had defeated all the enemies, I had reached level two, gathered a couple of ?Sprite Drops? and a pair of ?Blade Guifeis?.I walked back to the ?Chaos Gate?, eager to find out if somebody had arrived in ?Mac Anu? during the time I spent away.

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