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In this topic I chronicle my adventures playing Arma

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I don't play this game very often but whenever I do hilarious things happen sometimes


So today I load up ACE mod (It's basically vanilla Arma but with more content) and join a random server nagging me to load ACRE mod and join their teamspeak. Naturally, I don't. The map says NO LONE WOLVES WE FIGHT TOGETHER AND DIE TOGETHER


After struggling to get my loadout set on the base as I get a feel for the controls again I see an unknown chopper approaching our base. I spring into action and pull out my M3 rocket launcher (I think it was an M3) and shoot it down. A soldier jumps out of the burning chopper and so thinking quickly I pull out my M9 pistol and execute him before he can hurt anybody on base. I then casually check my chat log to see "TK TK I AM A FRIENDLY DO NOT FIRE I REPEAT DO NOT FIRE"




Then our first mission begins. Infiltrate the enemy oil rigs and destroy them. I approach to lift and it takes off right before I get in. I walk around in circles for 20 minutes and wait on the next one. Nine of us load onto the envoy and we're on our way off!


We reach the destination and destroy the enemy oil fields without resistance. Suddenly, an enemy tank approaches and blasts four of my comrades. One of them shoots himself from the stress of the situation. Me and my remaining three teammates book it to the extraction chopper and return home, to where I disconnect knowing full well that everybody in that server was mad at me.


A job well done.


rip Coolairman, x420xerrday, Obi-Wan, Williams, and Bacon. You were good soldiers are you will be missed.


I do not feel shame for TacoKid12. He had it coming for not identifying himself on base.




Booted Arma III. It was some wasteland survival gametype. User Michelle Obama was using admin h4x to spam 50,000 grenades over the seafront. I rushed in and was too late to save the first lady from user Chris. rip

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