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.Hack//The Movie discussion and thoughts.

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I realise I'm a bit behind, but I did recently watch the newest .hack// incarnation.Personally(despite some kind of derp anime cliches), I really enjoyed it.The extra lore added to the universe was really satisfying and helped to flesh out an already solid franchise (solid enough for me to stick around on fan forums for roughly 4 years, at least).That said, I don't like the recanning of character designs. It also doesn't have the kind of corrupt undercurrent the originals had. There are admins( sorta), but unlike the other titles they don't really have motivation for being there.So what do you guys think?

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i might just do that. cause i only have disc 3 anyways. my friend should be getting me 2, but i still wont have disc 1. i still don't even have quarantine lol.

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