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Welcome to the GDU Relaunch!

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Hey guys, long time no see!


So as you all know, the site's been down for a while... I truly apologize for that. Back in November a Russian botnet managed to stealth its way into the forums and hacked the forums to display iFrames intended to spread malware to GDUsers. I immediately closed the forums and started trying to "delouse" the database when I accidentally nuked the whole thing.


The best I can come up with is an old backup from about a year ago now, eight or so months old from when the forums got attacked.


I've set up a brand new server, put up a fresh set of forums, and we'll take it from here. The site part is down because I didn't want the forums down for FOREVER and there are only two skins. It should still hopefully be enough to at least suffice until I can get everything up and running again.


And I know you all are worried about old posts/PMs and just general memories... I am working to upload the old DB and make a read-only "archive" that you can log into and see all your old stuff. I actually wanted to have that done BEFORE I relaunched the forums but there's enough errors I have to go through that it won't be happening immediately. Sorry about that.


Hopefully people start to trickle back in here and we can let the good times roll again! If you're in contact with somebody who used to come here spread the word that we're back online. That botnet was a HUGE blow to the community but I'm sure we can rebuild and come out of this as strong as ever.




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For those of you who want to know more details about the exploit, feel free to read this: http://www.securityweek.com/linux-rootkit-found-launching-iframe-injection-attacks


Glad to see GDU finally back online again. Its been awhile. Ironically, you got the site back up around the same time as GDU's birthday. Congrats. :)

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