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Phantasy Star Online 2

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Looks like sega is making phantasy star 2 a free to play game for the PC, and playstation vita.... oh and iOS and Android...

sounds awesome, i can't wait.. was a good game, and now its going to be free, and cross platform.

here is a link with more info.


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Wait what, iOS and android too? lol

I hear the PC and vita version players can play together too? :o

Would rolf if the iOS and android players could play with the PC.vita players too XD

I really loved PSO, but never played PSU D:

Would love to get back into 2 though :D

Wait, what? Free?


I must play it now then :o

Would be awesome if it comes to the wii u too :D

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i know. i definitely can't wait for this. and ive always wanted to play games that were crossplatform.

it would be awesome if it was for the wii u. but thats prolly not going to happen.

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I am so stoked for this you don't even know

There's also rumors that PSO2 will support 3G online play, which if it manages to not eat up a tremendous amount of data could be an extremely cool feature and finally make the 3G model worth the extra $10 it costs

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The 3G model of the psv only costs $10 more? o_O

Doesn't sound like there was much of a difference in the first place if it was only something like $250 vs $260 lol (of course having to pay monthly makes a huge difference though)

$10 more than the WiFi model and an 8 GB card :P Sorry for the confusion there. In the US at least the 3G comes bundled with an 8 GB card so the extra cash for 3G support wasn't much

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