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Bring back the Honeypot

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Spambots are coming into this site finally and this brings to light the need for a Honeypot. Back when this site ran on SMF, no spambots got in because I had setup some checkpoints to sanitize the users. For example, on registration, the user's details(ip, hostname, location, etc) were all ran through a database. If the results were iffy, then there would be a flag fired on the account that would cause an account lock if the user failed to pass the other verification tests. There was another checkpoint that fired at random that would detect the "common" properties of a spambot's connection and the same rule would apply(This was a custom procedure I wrote myself, could possibly bring this back up to speed and port to IPB).

Going through custom methods aren't necessary, of course. Thanks to the efforts of Project Honeypot and many others(like those annoying image verification checks), it's possible to safely have security setup to avoid the spambot issue. (Refer to: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5143-c32-stop-spammer-registration/ ) This will do multiple checks for you, and many more. Please take 5 minutes of your(Walnut or Hawthorneluke) time to download this, install, and configure. Thank you.

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