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Me short story.....

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At once the wind had slapped up the leaves mangling them in the dark red hair that the paladin wore in a long scraggy length upon his head. With just a brush of his hand the paladin swept the leaves away with ease only to be more troubled with the size of his hand in comparision with his blade. The paladin had never thought about it till now but as the leaves rode the wind on to find another traveler in which to get tangled. His hand was not that of a small man nor than of a great man, it was as a man who had been a noble all his life never raising it in hard labor, his hand was soft and elegant but not quite right he thought. The blade seemed so much larger in comparision he found it hard to percieve that he was able to grip the hilt at all and yet even as this thought crossed his mind he let it wander away as not to ponder on the eneviatable. The paladin merely kept walking his path not knowing where he would end up but for him it was never in the destination but it was for the journey he walked. The journey is what had led him to cross blades with mighty foes as well as lower his own in prair not to any one god but to a being that led him true. So the paladin will walk as far as he can till the day comes that he is slain or can walk no more at the end days. The land changes every few miles from grass to bare earth to sand, the terrain did not matter for the paladin was well trained in every possible land. It is when the land beneath him starts to fade will he then stumble and falter in his path only to find the foe that would disrupt time and space itself. The paladin would then cross blades or if possible send the foe away to restore order peacefully for time has proven to him over the course of history that it is not only action nor words that can cure the world of its troubles. This cycle repeats for the paladin as he has no time nor a place, it is only his path that he shall walk to the end of days.....

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pretty cool Fragment! i didn't know you did this kind of stuff.

could be a bit more spaced out though- walls of text are a pain to read XD

i also would've liked it better if it remained short in scope. leave kick-ass save the world stuff for a possible chapter 2 XP

is it based off of anything in particular?

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Well i have yet another story as my friend wanted a bedtime story...

There once was a girl who knew not of where she was but could see that the room she was in was in the shape of a circle. For quite some time she was alone there. She became very frieghtened after some time when she realized nobody was going to feed her or even tell her why she was there. When she had given up all hope there was a man in front of here. He said no words but instead gave her a key. She knew there was no doors in this room so she looked up to ask him why he gave her the key but the man had vanished. As she looked around for him she heard the words "Open the door that can not be seen but only felt". The girl knew not what to think of his words for she did not understand what they ment. She felt all along the wall but could feel no door in any part of the room. The key had no hint either as it seemed perfectly normal to the girl. In frustration the girl yelled out to the man "I dont understand! What good is a key with no door?". The was no response other than the beat of her heart and the frustration of her mind. When more time had passed the man appeared before her again. She asked again the question but he still spoke no words but mearly pointed towards her. In frustration she slapped his hand away and damanded an explination for she was tired and hungry. At which point the man only smiled and said "its your heart, the key is to the door of your heart". She was taken aback as to his answer for it seemed so out of place but when the man walked past her she turned and saw a door now standing as if appearing out of nowhere. The man had dissapeared again. She understood that this must be the door he spoke of. The girl placed the key in the door and opened it. Before her was her room, the one she grew up in. She was confused but the man spoke behind her as she entered the room "if you need me ill be here, right in your heart". Before she could ask him what he ment the door was gone and she woke up.

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