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Pointless Games are fun!

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And I'm finished! After a week of pain staking programming and making stupid mistakes, I'm finished!

There are two passwords in this game, both I will not reveal.

Note: There is no point to this game, you get gold, you buy exp, you level up. That's really all it is. For now.

I made this entire thing in the C-Programming language.

Uhh let's see here... I'm fairly certain there's nothing else I need to make note of here.

Oh! If there's a feature you want added in here, let me know.


V1.0 = Created

v1.1 = Added tags to Gold / EXP.

v1.2 = Made things clearer, such as When you level up, it says "You lost X amount of EXP, but you have gained level X", changed how much it costs when you level up. Level 1 = 100 exp level 2 = 200 exp etc etc.

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