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Hello everybody,

I am a dedicated member of CyberConnects.org and their project to make a 3D version of [TheWorld] (R:1 style) and i believe you all should be informed of this project. The alpha product will be released soon and we expect to have a smooth and steady run.

Here's some screenshot images and sections you can take a look at:





There is plenty more for you all to see at cyberconnects.org and i hope to see you there!

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How about providing us with some game information here on-site instead of just asking people to move over? :P

I don't mind advertising your project because that's basically what the site was founded for, but I do mind "We're making a game come to our forums"

Game info, system reqs, more screenshots, developers, distribution method, give us some deets on those!


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at first i was like, oh great another group making a .hack game.. could be interesting..

then i saw it was cyberconnects... and then i thought, meh, need more info now.

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I believe you should inform us of this project :P

So please do so otherwise like what walnut was getting at, this can seem like a very generic "hi there come to our forums so we can increase our member total!" post copy and pasted all over the internet.

I have no idea how cyberconnects is currently, but the last I knew was that you promptly deleted anything showing off any "outsider's" work on your forums.

You're completely free to show off what you want here, and like I said, please do!

Just please literally do just that. Show off what you have to show off, don't just indirectly try to increase your forum count or whatever (as that has no value to us what so ever. Your game being fun for everyone and you showing us that does though :D).

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*head desk* not exactly what I ment in spreading the word

Sorry I would have done this myself but my nets been cut so I'm currently typing on my iPad...so what I can post is limited

It's NOT cc.ccm...and has nothing to do with Joe or the cc you all know...for obvious reasons like crime reaction lol. We only took the name cc cause we need it for the game far...far down the line...and even then the domain might change.

As for work...sorry I can't post any atm so sadly going to the site or YouTube is your best bet on seeing progress...which is far. You by no means have to register or be active to see the work.

It's a remake of the world r1 in 3d with some small r2 parts like guilds and the arena.

It's in alpha faze...but don't let that scare you from say...joes famous alpha phases...this one has plenty of content and works. It's not up ATM because we are tweaking the gui and animations...as well as adding in @home fields and a few other things we were going to wait on but we finished quicker then expected. The announcements should have most stuff covered but feel free to ask here I'll try and answer if you wish

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oh i see.. well, that explains a good bit, but even though you say its not the cc we know, it looks like the same people on your forums from the other cc forums. or is this the same forums?

Edit: no i see it is a different forum. but those names look familiar.

Edited by Crim
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Btw this is just to you crim ...or others here with .hack names I don't know...if you are at all interested in the place I'd suggest to register your name fast. Only saying this because I'm watching people grab .hack names left and right already...like kite, blaming, haseo, Ovan, ect.

Thanks for the wishes

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Or sorry, didn't realise the .com .org difference ^^;

Not too great when just having a very similar url gives you such a bad reputation before you even make one yourself though :x

But what I said in my post still remains.

As for content and what not, even descriptions of what it is, how its being made, your ideas and so on is great (like you did do, thanks ^^), even if you don't have much to show visually (it's not all about the visuals after all :P)

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Just a quick update on no updates. Siegfre is on vacation so there's no in engine updates atm... I was going to wait till he made a video to show you however again...he went on vacation. Check keramorys YouTube there's a new vid...but that's about it

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Just a suggestion, but it may be better to find the video and embed it in your post to get more people interested instead of hoping they'll do it themselves (which probably won't happen leaving you with less interested people).

Don't want you to end up with a dead thread from it's first page.

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kera, (if you are graves, otherwise I apologize) your creatures always looks stiff to me. the one sin (that dragon thing) looks like it's made of stone, even with the engine prettying it up. I realize animation fixes it, but from what i've seen of previous works of animation from your models- it isn't so great.

now, I don't care if your animator and engine is the best there is. The main problem with your models are thusly:

you don't go far enough past your comfort zone.

the models I see can't be more then 1,000 polys. they all have a straight, plain, or stiff look to them. don't be afraid to add a poly if it ultimately improves the work.

again, if Graves isn't Keramory, Sorry ( '.' )'

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