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hey all i used to be on the forum before it changed to this look and it was just for the .hack game and now i see i can post about my project to .hack fans!!! me and a few others are designing a new version of [The World] so we can get a new feel so we are taking only 2 original root towns and redoing the with a new look and then making new root town still with the .hack look and feel as we all love. we havnt gotten a lot done right now as we all have been busy but we do have some done. we have a video out now which is here

we also have also added a new updated version of the Altimit OS. this version is both the game menu once it comes out plus it has other things to it like for admins it has an admin panel and as said many other thigs. here is a link to the video for the altimit os

we have a forum at http://dimension-corp.net/twforum

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