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Ok so I found this game online called Rift! This game is really interesting to me so far with its class system and all. It will have a monthly subscription BUT it has yet to be said the amount and dont let that put you off till you at least look at it. So everyone tell me what you think! :D


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Suffers from the same problem as most recent MMOs.

Lackluster graphics.


what we need more of is future people with gundam suits with severed legs attached with railroad spikes and severed hands with the rotting flesh of the hand still attached!


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But then again maybe Min's on about if the graphics are used well in the game or not, not just how pretty they are.

I like the retro-ish feel of the tiled graphics in Minecraft, granted I now use the more appealing Jolicraft texture pack. I'm honestly planning on going a similar graphical route with my Dream.Build.Play project, and taking a chunk of inspiration from 3D Dot Game Heroes. I generally hold how graphics are used as a part of my consideration of the quality of the graphics, and Minecraft does well.

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