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I've been competing in Local tournaments lately and became curious who all plays with what kinds of decks. I play with 3 decks (2 casual and 1 tournament) I will give you the details of my favorite casual deck. Its a Red/Green Token Production.


Garruk Wildspeaker X1


Thallid Shell-Dweller X4

Thunder-Thrash Elder X4

Dragon Fodder X4

Sporoloth Ancient X3

Thallid Germinator X3

Vitaspore Thallid X2

Sporesower Thallid X2

Savage Thallid X2

Keldon Warlord X1

Predatory Advantage X1

Empty the Warrens X1

Goblin Assault X1

Gluttonous Slime X1

Spellbreaker Behemoth X1


Fog X3

Primal Bellow X1

Mage Slayer X1

Whispersilk Cloak X1


Forest X12

Mountain X10

Kazandu Refuge X1

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hmm, i haven't played in tournaments in about 8 years.. but i still play casual. don't currently have a tournament deck..

but i have a few decks i can list. (but not whats in them... don't feel like looking :P)

-my favorite deck is my beast deck. Red/Green with cards such as contested cliffs, krosan coudscrapper, and more..

-otherwise i have a blue/black deck that just makes people draw and discard cards. (its fun) (i do remember my Jace planeswalker is in it)

-then i have a all color Sliver deck. (yes, slivers)

-and a colorless complete artifact deck full of Myr.

-A Blue Wizard deck. (The wizards are all flying avens pretty much)

-a burn deck (as i call it) its Red, with only like 10 creatures lol.

-and last but not least my Pure green Elf deck.. (its actually really good, almost tournament quality, but not quite)

ill list more as i remember, but over the summer i took a lot of decks apart.. i know i had a three color (white,blue,green) synergy deck that was awesome and had aven mimeomancer, Behemoth Sledge, Rafiq of the Many, and Knight of New Alara..

but yea, ill list more decks as i find them. :D

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i wasn't saying they are bad lol. i just meant that everyone has those. (even me :D lol )

and i had some really good ones, but today i just found out that i took them apart last summer without putting them back together.

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My Fiance and i recently discovered a new game style.

EDH. Stand for 'Elder Dragon Highlander'

You must a have a 100 card deck. Your commander, 33 land, and 66 spells. (Typically)

The major trick? Other then basic land cards, you are only allowed 1 of any given card.

AND you can have nor mana-symbols anywhere on a card that isn't in your Commander casting cost.

It's pretty interesting

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it sounds interesting buuuutttttt. ill pass :P

the gametypes that i go for are the 2hg (2 headed giant) 2 on two match with 30 starting health, no card calling to your opponent. (meaning you can't say do you have a counterspell in your hand? and no looking at each others hand)

and the other one is similar but it called emperor. its complicated so here is a link lol..... http://www.wizards.com/Magic/TCG/Article.aspx?x=magic/rules/emperor

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