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So there is the whole Kinect Beta going on, Guess what showed up on ebay.

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Microsoft had to figure this was going to happen: Someone put their Kinect beta hardware and their console for sale on eBay, hoping to get $1,200 for it. It was rather quickly de-listed, however.

I haven't seen the entire EULA for this hardware beta but something tells me Microsoft probably forbids selling the unit and might, like, want it back. Seller blueroomproject (100 percent feedback rating!) took it down yesterday afternoon with zero bids. Or maybe Microsoft dropped a dime to eBay and told them to six it.

Again, he was selling the console, which one would assume would be necessary to use this unit during the beta. It's also probably got a whole crapload of identifying information that it sends back to Microsoft's servers, which they could sleuth out to find which one of their ungrateful beta participants sold the thing off. Probably best this thing was pulled back, no harm, no foul. Still, what was that guy thinking?

Hell microsoft, give me that ungrateful fuck's kinect beta, i'll actually put the bad boy to use.

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