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I need Help

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i've already figured out the look beyond the labrinth thing and now i don't know wut 2 do :sadface: if someone could give me some hints it would be greatly appreciated. also i would appreciate some hints as to some keyletters to some other places because i only have 12 areas out of the supposed 45

'Sol Areia' square

Sun Spire

Hulle Granz Cathedral

Sinking Distant Holyground

Hulle Granz Cathedral...

Gate de Berg

Chaos Gate

Rebirth Chamber

Neo D'Ark di Fede

Far Chosen Destiny

Morrigu Barrow Wall

Aqua Capital Mac Anu

i'm not sure wut i need 2 do right now

you can either giv e me a hint by posting here or by PMing me

please respond quickly

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