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I've finally sat down and put in the maps Fragment has given me.

I've always had the problem where people do make some very nice maps for me, but I can't use them unless someone finishes them all up so they really are game-ready and then actually puts them into the game.

This is why I was advertising for a "map manager", as doing this would take a very long time, which may be do-able if you're nuts about mapping, but for someone that has to run the project and program for it as well, it's just too much.

Unfortunately nothing much came of the "map manager" position (although a couple of people did do quite well in trying to work with the mappers though, thanks!) but Fragment came back to me a while ago and I gave him all the maps I had on this computer.

He then came back with some maps he'd looked through and deemed game worthy and fixed them up so they could go in the game, which are the maps I've just put in the game for him now.

So a big thanks to Fragment for this small update.

And of course, the biggest thanks goes to the people that made the maps that you will now be able to find in the game ^^ If you try hard enough :D

So thank you mappers!

I have found a few bugs though, most tiny, one large, so sorry about that, but Fragment wasn't able to test a few things with the maps with the tools I've currently made for mapping, so these things happen >_< but hopefully someone should come along at one point, maybe even Fragment again to fix these things up.

Also I have seen a lot of other really good looking maps that I'd love to see in the game, but because they're not 100% complete (because of warps, settings, objects or whatever) I've not been able to put them in the game for not having the time to fully complete everyone's maps, but at some point if anyone that really knows how to use the map maker perfectly and wants to do them up, please let me know! And sorry for not having your wonderful maps in the game even though I've had them for so long :P

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