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This computer's a mess and I've used a few while you've been mapping, Blood Willow, so I'm not sure where all of your latest maps are, but I know you've made quite some good ones and they're not in the game :D

Keep hold of your best bunch if you still have them and hopefully we can get someone like Fragment to make them 100% game ready and we can finally see them in the game.

Same goes for everyone else's good maps.

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Just curious, but what mapping program do you guys use? I just remember awhile back Luke had told me that the program was hard to use or something...(though maybe my memory is just failing me now XD)

Anyway, to the point. I'm in the process of finishing up my TW2D's game map editor. If you want, when I'm done with it I could give it over to you. I'm going to be making a video of it's features, how to use it, ect. I'm going for simplicity of use.

Also, your probably going to say "our map data files are different from yours", ya I know that. I'm implementing Lua scripting support to allow people to format/write their data to files their own way. ^^

I'm not completely sure how much longer my map editor will take to finish, but I'm trying to hurry it up. Oh, and just one neat feature I'm programming into it...cooperative map editing! So more than one person can edit the same map over a network. Just makes map making a tad bit more fun!

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