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GDU Update: 07/04/2010

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Greetings GDU Members and incoming BBS-users! I'd like to happily welcome you to the brand new, revised, Gamers & Developers Unlimited, with The World BBS merging with us bringing a quite diverse community along with them. =) We've become a silent majority regarding activity and our updates, and as you may know, what you see before you is something that we've been wanting to release for quite some time now. Here's where I go in-depth with everything that has been put out thus far.

New Server w/new back-end

GD-U has been moved to a new server located in Dallas, TX. Provided by Linode, we wasted no time in setting the server up. Before going through with the move, the server was stress-tested and optimized until a sweet-spot was found to "hopefully" give the best experiences for everyone. What does this translate to? Well, to put it simply, we have a stronger server which allows you to view our sites at a much, much, more faster rate and allows us to serve more incoming users without sacrificing the user experience for others.

New Forum Software

We have switched our forum software to Invision Power Board as Simple Machines Forum was not keeping up with what we required. Now, every feature has retained itself and has ported over, as we made sure that happened. The conversion from Simple Machines Forums to Invision Power Board has gone through quite smoothly, retaining as promised, your information, avatars, etc. Bare in mind that converting from one forum software to another is not an easy task. In fact, a normal server move is enough to lose data! But, don't worry.. we've got you covered. :) Included with the features from GD-U Standards v2, we have introduced a few new features in the initial release of the public beta of GD-U "version 3".

  • GD-U TV
    Through LiveStream, we bring you GDU TV, which allows us to broadcast Let's Play's, host Game Competitions, etc.
  • Snickerspedia (Wiki)
    Using MediaWiki, we've successfully bridged MediaWiki with our forum software, allowing us to unify user accounts. (Means, you can user your login information from the forums to log onto the Wiki) Given the potential of using Wiki, we encourage users to use Wiki for posts that may need community collaboration. (i.e. A list of Xbox Live Gamer Tags)
  • GDU Web API
    For developers, we're giving you access to using GDU via our own web API. This allows you to bridge account credentials, add custom profile information(i.e. A picture of your character from an online game), and much more.
  • Unified Database
    No longer do we have fragmented accounts server-wide on GDU anymore! Register once, access all!
  • GDU Radio
    Tired of your music library? Or are you simply bored? Well, you don't have to worry.. we've got that covered. Come tune into radio GD-U! Hours not specified yet, podcasts between Vanguards allow users to become informed of what's up with the community. Want to DJ? PM a Vanguard(Administrator), and apply!
  • GDU Vent
    Since we had extra bandwidth sitting around, we figured to throw in an extra present! Do you have vent server issues? Or do you want to attend a podcast? Feel free to use our very own Ventrilo Server free!
  • User/Topic/Post Ratings
    Users, Topics and posts now can be rated!
  • Revised reputation system
    Reputation points are now given based on posts rather than having a global pool of reputation points.
  • ??? Future?
    More to be added.

The World BBS and Gamers & Developers Unlimited Merge

Two sister sites who've partnered closely for the past year have decided that it's time to get married. As both The World and GD-U were ran by the same people, we decided that it would be a good idea to listen in on the community and see if they feel a merge was perfect. The community answered, and we followed through. Welcome! The World BBS! We most certainly hope you enjoy your stay here, as The World BBS is still what it was before, just using one forum codebase :D.

But wait... there's more

/me smiles for a long time awaiting for the audience to quiet down. Kudos to whoever catches the reference. =)

This is only a Public Beta! More features and changes are on the way! But, with beta's there are always issues and as I have mentioned before, conversions and moves are difficult. We are asking you to help us in bug squashing as we would like to keep potential issues to a minimal. We have more coming up, and we'll follow up with them as we go along the beta testing process. Again, allow me to welcome to to the public beta of GDU version 3!! :)


GDU Team

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I measured gm112's daily activities while this was all being done and it turns out to be:

5% Sleep.

30% Real life paid work.

80% Working on this.

Yes, that's 115%.

He's insane.

But thanks to it, we have a VERY awesome community update cheesy.png

Excellent work once again ^^

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Ohai. What plans do you have for GDU TV? If you are going to do video reviews, Penumbra: Overture :)

Is the logo supposed to be a game controller?

EDIT: Where are the unread replies and unread posts buttons?

EDIT2: ohwait this isn't SMF weaksad.png

Edited by gm112
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Ohai. What plans do you have for GDU TV? If you are going to do video reviews, Penumbra: Overture :)

Is the logo supposed to be a game controller?

EDIT: Where are the unread replies and unread posts buttons?

EDIT2: ohwait this isn't SMF weaksad.png

GDU TV will unravel as time goes :). But you do have one of the ideas figured out, haha.

Yes, the logo is a part of a classic controller(sort of like the NES with the AB styled buttons). And yes, SMF's not as good as it used to be. Trust me on that. Glad to see you around, though! Welcome back. =)

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A couple of things members may need to know though:

Some of you have huge sigs.

Back on the SMF boards we had something that automatically scaled down images in sigs so you could just stick in a huge image without thinking and the rest would be done for you (would force all of us viewing your sig to download that huge image to just be able to display it at the reasonable size though >_<)

But here, all we can do right now is force you to link to images that are smaller than a certain size, meaning you have to do the hard work for now. Hopefully in the near future we can have a system to make things better... and one that'll correct all current enormous sigs too >_<

And also, you can change your theme at the very bottom left of every page tongue.png

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