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The Death Of the World?


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Whenever I go check out the server and check the chat log window, I see traces of decent amounts of activity. So it's apparently not entirely dead yet.

It would help a bunch if the game made some actual progress though...

But hey, we've been alive and kicking for years with less xD

But hey, just how active are these boards nowadays? You've probably noticed (or rather not noticed) that I haven't checked in here for... Quite some time now. Work, being tired from work, playing games, studing Rare Greater Tome of Game Coding, etc.

How are things around here?

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i would assume its getting close to end of school so people could be getting stuck with more homework or tests or preparing for finals or something like that..

and i did notice you were gone aku. :D

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I've thought about trying to get some of my friends involved, but I don't think any of them would get it besides the one I've convinced. And I still can't believe he's on it too.

one is better than nothing :D 

I think that one day this community will be bigger than CC corps page, but everyone is just dead because the game isn't finished.  but one it gets the battle system and stuff like that people will start coming.  (Imo I like how this game looks more than I like CC's.  Which is saying a lot because I don't like CC's game at all.....

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