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Puzzle Piece #7.

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Given time, i could write a well-constructed plot about these hints.

seeing as i don't, this i what i got:

Aura get's pissed, sends down a massive meteor to kill everyone. it breaks into 8 smaller ones, each enough to destroy the world. this one asks about who will stop her from killing us all in game.

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Thanks Luke! I was actually going to ask if you wanted to post it last night, but it just slipped my mind.

Haha, and I'm not anyone but Rhaps. I assure you. Keep on theorizing, and talking amongst yourselves. Who knows what you may be able to uncover. We'll have another piece of the puzzle for you this weekend.

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this is like Super Mario land 2: 6 Golden coins..

the only differences is that this is in dot hackish world and instead of 6 coins, its 8 star pieces of some sort :D

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