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Then you draw too!

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Oi. Oi. everyone! So over the course of the last two days I've spent about 16 hours drawing. I'd like to take this time to encourage you to draw as well! Maybe not 8 hours a day, haha, but take maybe one hour day, that ONE hour where you just can't find anything to do, and draw something!

Make sure to post it here for everyone to see! It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, or a scan or anything. Heck doodle in paint if it makes you feel good. I think you'll be surprised with how quickly the time goes by, and how quickly you'll improve if you take a little bit of time every day.

For those of you who would LIKE to draw, but can't think of anything you'd like to draw, or those of you who are interested in the theme of the day, I'll put out a new theme each day. If this thread generates any interest (I can only hope :D''), I'll make sure to continue updating this post each day with a new theme.

Theme of the day:

March 17th 2010: Endless Romance

March 18th 2010: Man Vs. Machine

March 19th 2010: Beasts That Never Were

March 22nd 2010: Towers of Power

March 23rd 2010: I'm Watching You

Good luck and have fun! Remember the theme is only to help generate ideas. Feel free to go whichever direction you'd like to! I encourage you to share anything you draw any day of the week! If it's January 7th 2047, and you feel like drawing the theme from March 17th 2010, go for it!

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@Blood Willow: That's the spirit! Even if the thread encourages one person to draw, that's all that matters to me. Sometimes it takes a little push to get going. Thanks for participating by the way! Romance doesn't necessarily have to be romance between two people, but could also be viewed in the sense of something along the lines of "Pirates, and their romance with adventure."

@Kikiraiki: You can do it! I have faith in you! We all have to start somewhere, and there's only one way to improve. If you're suffering from a little bit of artists block the best way to dredge through it is to draw it out. (This can can be an ugly situation, believe me I know. However in the long run, it's well worth it.) Please don't give up though.

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Yeah, all I could think of was to draw someone at their lover's grave. But i can't draw people well at all. (Or much of anything for that matter. For proof, see my Kitty Corner thread full of my eye-sores) I'm about half done with it. I just need to colors it in. Then I'll post.

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That's awesome! Practice makes perfect. Art is one of those things that is ENDLESS as far as skill acquisition, and we're often our own worse critics. I'll definitely check out your gallery in a little bit, I'm just finishing up a piece myself. Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your completed work.

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I'm pretty sure practise does make perfect.

We all get better with experience, whether it good or bad. Just the more experience the more knowledgeable you'll become and the more knowledge you have the more you can apply to whatever. (knowledge being far more than what you can consciously remember and turn into words though.)

Of course if you don't really like to draw, then I doubt you'd end up seriously drawing that much and in the end never improve. But if naturally you do like it, then naturally (without even realising you're "working") you're bound to naturally end up drawing and all that's going to end up as more experience just making you better in the end.

This of course isn't a one week short term thing though, but does apply to everything, or so I think anyway :D

If it's something you have interest in, as long as you don't give up you're only bound to improve.

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I ended up f**king up my picture and making it all faded . . . . So i made another :D

Original Messed Up Pic:


Other Pic:


And Luke, I do like to draw. I just suck at it :P But I have been trying to draw since I was like 2 or 3 :P I have gotten better then when I was little, yes. But no perfection.

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Very nice work on the "Romance" theme. I love the creativity... Such a sad under-tone :D the wedding ring is a really nice touch, and almost helps to tell a story of what's happened. (I mean, without knowing the theme, lol.) Really nice work on the hand also, hands are one of the more technical pieces of human anatomy to draw.

Your second picture is very cool also, back in high-school I always used to doodle mosaics of all kinds of different things. So I can appreciate this. Another really fun// neat technique is to have all your "chunks" never touch. Have them run close, and parallel, but no shape ever touches another shape, instead they have an even amount of space between them. It's a pretty neat effect.

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Yeah, i suck at hands, so I practice them a lot. They usually start out as a tracing of my own hand.

And I can never get the space between the pieces of a mosaic to be quite equal. Which bugs the ocd in me :D So I rarely do those. But points if you can tell me the 2 things IN mosaic :P so-far, 1 seems easier to see then the other.

So, which day will the next theme come out? Over the weekend, or Monday, or another day?

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An eye, a heart, a nose and a mouth. New one is up! I'm going to be adding them daily, so you can check back pretty much every 24 hours and be guaranteed to find a new theme for that day.

I'll participate in a theme every now and then as well. As for right now though, all my time spent drawing// doing graphic is in devotion to one, very specific project.


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I made a quick sketch for it. It sucks, but it works. I'll post a pic when i get batteries for the camera.

I'll work on today's theme soon.

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OK, got batteries charged.

1st is Man vs Machine. like I said, quick sketch. not really finished, but I wasn't doing so good on it, so I stopped.

2nd is Beasts that never were. I a bunch of drawings like off and on tongue.png Like I my eye-stalk Spider's.



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Awesome work Blood Willow, I really like both pieces. The aura around the dragon is awesome, and you can only imagine what would be going through the heads as of the militants as they approached that giant robot that looks like he's packing more artillery than the cannon in his chest.

Sorry I haven't updated with a new theme in the past few days! I didn't even know that much time had gone by haha, we've been working so much that days are just meshing together.

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as a talented artist that really never draws anymore, i will now draw in full and extreme detail then put it up here.

look forward to seeing how you will like it

the 2 themes im going to go with for my 1st is "Towers of Power" followed by "The Beasts That Never Were"

these 2 images i will start off with in sketch on paper with sketching crayons, then move from there to the sketching with pencil lightly over top, i will then start to fill it out with detail in pencil until i have strong lining, after i will use a fine-tip marker to bold the lines and then continue coloring with Prismacolors.

"Towers of Power" Depiction:

Two towers , one in the distance and one a bit closer will be towering over a rainforest looking landscape with slight hills and a canyon split between the 2 going into the distance. The image will be my full detailed image with true prisma with crisp and clear landscapes as well as tower details with birds flying around the towers (as you would see in real life) .

The 2nd depiction will come after i have started my 1st project.

thank you

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Ah, very nice imagery. I was hoping you'd choose the "Towers of Power" to be honest. I had debated just selecting two themes and then allowing you selective freedom of the 3rd, but I didn't want to holster your creativity.

Don't feel obligated to post your finished products in this thread. (Though you're more than welcome to.) As long as I see them whether on here, or by other means, that's the main factor.

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