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Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold released (U.S.)


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i got soul silver because i got silver version instead of gold when i was a kid, so im just going to do that again.

and i need to find someone with heart gold cause it seems like everyone is getting soul silver lol.

luigia is more cool than ho-oh, but i don't think i would choose which one i get because of that :D. I don't think i would consider ho-oh a third gen. third gen sucked pretty bad, and ho-oh was actually decent.

stats were good, only weak to 3 types, and it can learn sacred fire. :P

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lol, yea, you prolly were much younger, i was 10 when i got silver version.

and go for it. get whichever one you want.

all of us here(since we all pretty much want soul silver) will just need to find some friends who have heart gold to get those pokemon that are not on silver lol.

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sweet. and if your looking for any pokemon from gold/silver, ill prolly trade it, cause i already have the eggs ready to go..

so if anyone needs say a charmander, or maybe a cyndaquil, or just a random favorite pokemon, i should be able to get it. 

first thing i started was catching and breeding. i only need a little less than 90 pokemon from johto and a lot are just evolutions.

and i am definitely willing to trade for pokemon from d/p and plat.

oh, and if you need any tips on beating elite 4 or red, ill do my best to help. (managed to beat red with all pokemon at 72, no fainted pokemon, no revives, no heals. It was awesome.)

but i am most ready for them battles lol.

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here is my friend code.

2150 0647 7380

my characters name is Crim.

and i have already beaten elite 4 twice, and beaten red. all thats left for me is to beat people online, catch em all, and i think starting next year im going to do those official pokemon tournaments.

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