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.hack//Link - The Movie Intro / Opening


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Their hair scares me more than their faces.

So is 'The World' like, crossing over into the real world? O.o

*Has never heard of .hack//Link before this thread.*

Anji Roru Aurarios: "Uhm, almost similar that way, Willow-san. Since the game is still fresh and coming in the next few days, the storyline is based upon Tokio and Saika who apparently trying to restore history (like sort of going back in time). I am not really sure how the antagonists (the Schicksals guild if I name it correctly) altered the history of the game, but it may relate to that mysterious female character (from Tokio's dreams from the manga) at the end of the opening sequence of the video and connection to the Chrono Cores and everything (from the manga again) as she might possibly appear in the near ending or something of the plot."

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I just added this song to my Ipod its so catchy but I think this could have been inmproved if the drawings were a bit better...

Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Do not blame on the company Kikiraiki-san. They are doing the best as they should since two years running of making this project. They each were assigned of a specific position for creating the game. Like the opening for example. They assign that person to create the opening for the game (and maybe perhaps other sequences and the ending version as well)."

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