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[PRE] The Other Rising


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The Other Rising would be an independent game but has decided , if approved by you guys, to be integrated into this game. *MOST* (Please do not take offensively, would like to know of interest before fully revealing details) Of the game mechanics are as follows.

Battles in this game are open for anyone to take part, but only if certain criteria are met. When a battle is initiated, a force-field will erupt around an area big enough for the fight to take place. If the fight is against a monster, no matter how low the player?s health bar is, they won?t be able to get help unless it?s from a guild ally or from a player on your friend?s list. During a fight between players, once a player?s health reaches 30%, they may press a hotkey to allow other players to come into the circle. Be careful, though. When other players are around, they?re not necessarily friendly?

Player Killing: Any areas except for towns and guild areas are fair game for player killing. Players cannot PK, however, if they are more than 10 levels over the person they are attempting to PK. A player cannot PK or be PKed until level 25.

Death Penalty: When a player dies in the game, their stats are reduced by 5%, building each time they die until they reach 20%. This stat reduction is rectified every time a player returns to a city. In addition, the player will be resurrected at the teleporter they entered the Monster Area from.

The servers will be divided into sub-servers. Each of those sub-servers is a ?town? or ?city.? As players progress through the game (through leveling up), they will be granted access to more sub-servers and in turn more towns. Sub servers must be switched to from the Teleporter.

Sub-Server 1: Sunrise City: Made up of a shopping district, a guild-specific district, and a lounging district, all together in one big, seamless map. The texture and individual look to the city itself is copper with industrial factories towering overhead with the sun poking over the horizon awaiting new days and adventures.

Sub-Server 2: Versus Metropolis: Made up of the PvP and Guild vs. Guild arena. Also has a casino on the opposite end, along with a shopping district. The look of Versus Metropolis is based on a starry sky shining over a metallic and prosperous city. Admins and other staff members can connect and enjoy their time with other players by working jobs at the casino (i.e. Card dealer, prize manager, etc). The Arena supports 3 levels. These levels are Shade, Paladin, and Dragon. The arena ranking is decided by point values. The point value for rank one depends on your level and how many points you have. You start at Shade level, which is the lowest rank in the arena. To obtain the top of a rank, you must obtain a certain amount of points, which are obtained by defeating other teams within your rank. The amount of points needed to be obtained must be higher than the current highest team?s points. Once your points are higher, you may attempt to take their title via a team vs. team match. If the title is taken, you have the option of giving that title up to an AI version of yourself to move on to the next rank. This system is the same in the Paladin rank arena battles all the way up to Dragon rank, where you must battle and lose in order to lose your title as Dragon arena King.

Sub-Server 3: Speedsoul Kingdom: Made up of a shopping district, a race track, and a parts shop for customizing mounts that players may race against each other. A castle overlooks the city where the king of the kingdom supposedly watches his beloved races from. Players can choose mount frames varying from Go-carts to motorcycles to jet-packs (Jet packs do not necessarily fly. Maybe hover). Players can decide what to use based on their own preferences. These mounts can be used to move around cities or areas faster and with more grandeur than players without a mount. Inside the racetrack, players will go around a track of a difficulty of their choosing. As soon as the clock starts, the time trial will begin. The Player will receive a monetary reward based on their time. A player can become a King/Queen of the racetrack by competing and placing in the top three places of a Grand Prix. Once every month, a Grand Prix will be held to decide who gets a trophy, which is worth a lot of money, along with the top three competitors gaining the title of King/Queen and a special item allowing them access into Speedsoul Castle. Once a month, the Kings/Queens of the racetrack will automatically lose their titles along with the item that allowed them into the castle and the Grand Prix will begin again.The texture and look of the kingdom consists of the kingdom being surrounded by a bright, sunny meadow of green. It always seems to be noon in this city, as the sun is always it its highest.

Sub-Server 4: Monopoly City: This city does not include a shopping district. Instead, its economy is decided by guild-owned shops and player-owned shops. In the middle of the city, which is completely indoors I might add, is a gigantic hologram station telling players who is selling what item for what price. A bar exists a ways away from the projector ready to serve drinks to the players or just hang out. The look of this city is cybernetic and seemingly made of blocks of a multitude of colors. A cybernetic wonderland, if you will.

Sub-Server 5: Fort Platinum: This city is for staff members and elite players only. It includes a shopping district with better than average items, along with a lounge for players to relax and talk with each other. This city is actually a building made up of several platinum floors. The first floor is where the weapon and armor shops are located. The second floor consists of general item shops. The third floor is a lounge area for general elite players. The fourth floor displays the names of the current top-three arena teams, three teams for each arena level, and the top three racers in the racetrack. This area acts as a lounge for the current top arena team, one team from each level, and the top three racers of the racetrack. The fifth floor acts as a lounge for staff members. Each floor has a unique look and design to it; it?s not all just plain platinum coloring and smooth texture.

(NOTE: All shops except the ones in Monopoly City are run by NPCs.)

In addition to the player lounge areas where scenery is particularly beautiful, you may team up with others via making a party or entering into the same guild. This game promotes sociality, so meeting others could be a vast aspect of the game for players.

Actions and Emotes: Players always need a way to convey emotion without words. In this game, players can convey their feelings better than most.

Sitting: A player can sit in a variety of ways. First, there is the Prep Sit. A player will sit with their back straight as though they were at a tea party or important event. Exhausted Sit causes the character to wipe its brow and plop down in a seat, as though the character is actually tired. Next, the character can do the Thoughtful Sit. The player will sit with one foot up near themselves while the other dangles off the seat.

Emotes: Players use these as they do the multiple sit commands. The player?s ideal selection is Bored, Normal Laugh, Dance, Bow, Jump, Kneel, Salute, Shoo, Roar, Insane Laugh, Disappointed, Scared, and Anger.

Jumping and Climbing: When in a city or a Monster Area, players may use ?Climb? and ?Jump? commands to move about on even the tops of buildings. How far and how high a player jumps is governed by their speed stat. The higher the speed stat the higher and farther they can jump.

Lounges and Cities: These areas are for players to just relax and mess around in. When in a city or a lounge area, players may use a ?sit? command to go to a targeted chair or something usable as a seat and sit down on it. In addition, there will be easier ways of traversing the larger cities should a player not wish to run jump and climb their way to where they want to go. They have the options of using mounts, which are explained later, and using a specialized tram system used to get a player from one area to another. The player will talk to an NPC and declare where he or she wishes to be quickly transported to. The character will then automatically be taken to their desired location.

Teleporter: The teleporter is how players get to Monster Areas. To reach a monster area, one must put in a series of up to six numbers. Numbers directly beside each other cannot be the same and only single digits may be used at a time (So no 10 or 13 or 97). These numbers will in turn create a Monster Area based on the numbers you put in and the order of those numbers. Other players, when using the same number combination in the same order, will be able to access the exact same area. For example, if player A was in area 8-9-8, and player B decided to put combination 8-9-8 into the Teleporter, they would probably see player A as they ported into the area, even if they had no previous association with each other whatsoever.

Party System: Parties will consist of up to three individuals. Party Leaders will decide how the rewards are split along with the experience gain of the team. In the arena, the party name will be ?Team [Party Leader?s Character Name]? to identify it in the arena. Parties can link together (up to 12) to form Armies. These Armies are particularly useful for guild battles or extremely hard dungeons. The leaders of the individual parties must take a vote of who they want as Army leader (They cannot vote for themselves). Army leader can decide the looting style once voted in.

Guild System: Guilds can consist of however many members the leader wants. The leader will be able to allow certain members of the guild certain privileges and/or give them certain duties, such as dealing with member recruitment, guild storehouse organization, etc. Guilds may battle each other in Guild vs. Guild battles at the arena. If a guild gains enough members and the leader pays a hefty fee of in-game currency, the guild will gain an area devoted solely to that guild. It is made to the specifications of that guild and a private area for the leader and anyone he or she wishes to have with them may access that room. To get to the area, the guild members will receive an access number group. That number group must be used at the Teleporter to access the customized guild area. Guilds that do not have their own special area to be accessed at the Teleporter still get something for being a guild of more than one member. They can talk to a specific NPC to gain access to their guild?s Base. The Base for these smaller guilds isn?t as flashy as a customized area would be. It is a small room, maybe furnished with a table or two and a few chairs.

Monster Areas: These areas are accessed by going to the Teleporter and putting a number combination in (See ?Teleporter? above). These areas will differ in scenery, monster variety, monster strength, item rarity, and dungeon difficulty. Each Monster area consists of an Outer Terrain which usually houses some sort of dungeon, cave, or treasure trove in the area.

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Hmm...really interesting. I must inform this to Anji-sempai and Demora-sempai... Anyway, I like your ideas, but the towns and cities has to be renamed into a more interesting name. Not from an average basic word like "Sunrise City" as an example...no offensive, sorry.

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Also in another idea that comes into mind, how about posting the whole 100 different listed types of Classes separately into another topic and make the audience decide which is best to put into the game.

Wait, you suggested doing that, which they did and then you said about not making two topics the same and it asking to be deleted and I just deleted the topic >_<

If you want it back, I can bring it back (even if just for the info in it temporarily), but I suggest you have everything on your ideas in this topic's first post. Just split the first post up into easy to handle sections or something (using BB code to make things easier to read with titles and highlights etc instead of just the same solid text throughout the whole description)?

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I do, but it'd just put the posts all in one topic in the order they were posted. I'm talking about having ALL main info in the very first post, even if its extremely long, but just split up into easy to read sections marked easily using stuff like making text larger/bold etc to highlight section titles etc via the BB code you can use in posts.

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