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[WIP] The Zombie Game


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Ah yes the sweet aroma of zombie blood fills our lungs and all we want is more....

Anyways I have decided to create a zombie game which I have cleverly entitle "The Zombie Game" pretty good eh?! As of right now the only feature in this game is Survival Mode which is an Arcade style game play which later on will be also available for two people to play using controllers. As for now it is only One player and has two, yes count them two difficulties... One is fairly easy and the other I'm sure isn't even possible to beat.

So here's what 'd like from you guys. Play the game, slay some zombies, maybe take some screen shots of your highscore, and please give me some good detailed feedback. Please  do not want "it was fun" as I cannot fix fun... Positive feedback is good, but the reason I am uploading this here before yoyogames is that I want to make this game flawless... which is impossible so I'll settle for the closest thing. Sure I'm using you as Guinea pigs, but you get a first hand look at this future multimillion dollar earning game... or not.

So what I am specifically looking for:


Do they seem to fit together or do they look they they're all over the place?

Do they look good? Or do they look like a five year old put them together?


Is it too hard? or too easy?

Is it too repetitive?

How are the controls?


Are the sound good?

Please ignore the Background music it's annoy but it's only a temporary


If you run into any tell me and I'll post them here

Anything else you want to comment on please do.


W = Move up

A = Move left

S = Move down

D = Move right

LMB(left mouse button) = shoot / select in menu

RMB = Does nothing...

M = mute background music

P = play bgm

Additional tips/info:

Some zombies can crawl over objects including walls

Curtain zombies give out more points while others may give you weapons or other powerups.

There is a special ending for those who survive, survival.

I like waffles.

Note: The Arrow keys work as well for moving however if you hit the down arrow and release your character will keep moving in the down direction I forgot about that. So if you want to use the arrows there's a simple fix just tap another arrow key to stop moving.

Thanks for testing my Demo :D



UPDATE 1: fixed down arrow and made hardcore easier, also other minor bugs etc.

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Nice :P

My suggestions:

Couldn't confirm if you did it or not when I played it, but make sure that with clicking on text (in the menu etc), you give the text a mask, so you can click not just EXACTLY on the white lines of the text, but easily on the area the text fills.

As for the game play, was a nice arcade shooter, but of course can get boring easily fast. I suggest maybe just making the screen larger to give you a bit more of a place to run away to? (or just make the room bigger and keep the window size the same to give a better effect of more of a place to run away to, but you can't see the whole room all at once?)

But my biggest suggestion is to focus on the weapons maybe? And slowly give more and more epic upgrades while more and more zombies spill out (which is why a bigger room may be needed) and ending up with just you killing zombies in all sorts of epic ways with the stupidly awesome weapons or something? :D

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Haha it's funny you mention the text thing cause it was the first thing Keldy checked, and yes althought I didn't use masks I used hitboxs... As far as the others things Apocolypse is goin to be more of a giant room killing endless hordes of zombies kind of thing, and of coarse there will be a story mode. Although maybe a game type that would encourge like setting traps and things would be a nice addition, perhaps that can wait for a sequel or something :D

but thanks for the feedback Luke, I appricate it.

??? ????? I always thought it was ??? ????? appearently I was wrong huzzah jap101

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THE INESCAPABLE GLITCH! Found it on both level 1 and 2 except when i recorded with a new recorder as a test i couldn't get the first level  in... Then i decided to keep playing before getting stuck in roughly the same spot... Bottom right cornerish.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlo_QazGpUM PLEASE forgive the horrible quality it was my first time using ZD Soft recorder and probably my last i have no idea why the screens so small... Watch in fullscreen the bug is at 1:54 read my comment.

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For some reason I could post this for the longest time on my other computer. Then I forgot about it :D So my extreme apologies Aegis.

I cannot view your video file it is marked as private... So I can't view it, but thanks for your help ^n_n^

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