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The World Chat #2.5

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LOLZ as what the short message says:

[01:58] Logged in.

[01:58] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can

[01:58] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box.

[01:58] No other players are currently online.

[01:59] <DragonStone> i was probably the 1st one on today lol :3

logged out

I finally gots the map maker (run and hide lol) so i'm going to goof around for a couple of days/weeks then ill get to work :3. when i first saw the thing i was like (wow! this is going to take a while!) so i hope i can make some good maps LOLZ (its 2:30 in the morning and my sis. is on the phone....in a closet O.o)

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