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The World Chat #3 (yeah already!)

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Lots and lots of reading this time and i had to "bleep" all the keywords (even hints) so you can get your own (and i not get in trouble lol) well, enjoy!

[18:13] Logged in.

[18:13] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can

[18:13] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box.

[18:13] No other players are currently online.

[18:15] <DragonStone> lol no other player (i just got done posting journal #2)

[18:16] <DragonStone> *goes to market*

[18:17] <DragonStone> *reads sign by the inn*

[18:18] <DragonStone> Ok ill go to the Gate De Berg

[18:18] <DragonStone> *warps*

[18:19] <DragonStone> *reads wierd sign* right i geuse ill go to a random place with this map lol

[18:19] <Zyke Hatar> DragonStone, long time no see

[18:20] <DragonStone> Hi

[18:20] <DragonStone> Who r u?

[18:20] <Zyke Hatar> Zyke

[18:20] <DragonStone> oh its you lol

[18:20] <Zyke Hatar> I think we met in the maze

[18:20] <DragonStone> yay another player

[18:20] <Zyke Hatar> Hello mel

[18:21] <Melphina> Hi!

[18:21] <DragonStone> WOW

[18:21] <Melphina> :]

[18:21] <DragonStone> another player

[18:21] <Zyke Hatar> #$@

[18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: what does that mean?

[18:21] <Zyke Hatar> Its a keyword

[18:21] <Syoshi Kyoga> [bows in respect]

[18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: oh ok

[18:21] <Melphina> :D

[18:21] <Zyke Hatar> I made it myself

[18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: cool!

[18:22] <Melphina> Lol, seriously why do you keep doing that?

[18:22] <DragonStone> cool

[18:23] <Zyke Hatar> XD

[18:23] <DragonStone> srsly you made that

[18:24] <Zyke Hatar> Yes DragonStone

[18:24] <Zyke Hatar> lol

[18:24] <Zyke Hatar> I loged on SECONDS before you

[18:24] <DragonStone> you arent messing with me...right

[18:24] <Zyke Hatar> No I'm not

[18:25] <DragonStone> well, thats cool

[18:25] <Zyke Hatar> Melphina was here when I announced it

[18:25] <DragonStone> cool

[18:26] <Zyke Hatar> You still here?

[18:26] <Zyke Hatar> ?

[18:26] <DragonStone> yep

[18:26] <Zyke Hatar> EVERY pillar here has a message

[18:26] <DragonStone> i havent been on in a month, any new areas

[18:26] <Azrail> a lot new... hi Dragon...

[18:26] <Zyke Hatar> 3 more were put up on christmas eve

[18:27] <DragonStone> 3? i got only 2

[18:27] <DragonStone> extra

[18:27] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones do you have?

[18:27] <DragonStone> i have 12

[18:27] <Azrail> only? oe

[18:27] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones?

[18:27] <Zyke Hatar> are new?

[18:27] <DragonStone> 3

[18:27] <DragonStone> pod

[18:28] <DragonStone> @#% and

[18:28] <DragonStone> #@$

[18:28] <Zyke Hatar> #$% and #$^ were up before christmas eve

[18:28] <Zyke Hatar> *@#!

[18:28] <Azrail> you know ... there are 16 maps AFAIK...

[18:29] <DragonStone> what?

[18:29] <Azrail> hehe^^

[18:29] <Zyke Hatar> here is a hint to one

[18:29] <Zyke Hatar> A&W

[18:30] <DragonStone> I DONT GET IT LOL

[18:31] <Zyke Hatar> I thought you were working on maps, Az

[18:31] <Azrail> wanted to take a break...

[18:31] <Zyke Hatar> Ah

[18:31] <Azrail> away from that did my sis enter this room...

[18:31] <DragonStone> were can i make maps

[18:31] <Zyke Hatar> Who is your sister?

[18:31] <Azrail> she dosn't play this game XD

[18:32] <Zyke Hatar> You have to get the current program from luke

[18:32] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: okay

[18:32] <Zyke Hatar> -__-

[18:32] <Azrail> she said that one reason for this fact is that her english is rather bad.... XD what a reason, mine is

[18:32] bad too XD

[18:32] <DragonStone> lol

[18:33] <Zyke Hatar> I think your english is pretty good

[18:33] <Azrail> I ALWAYS think the other thing XD

[18:33] <Azrail> you know, that is some kind like attitude towards life...

[18:34] <Zyke Hatar> Az

[18:34] <Azrail> yep?

[18:34] <Zyke Hatar> Give DragonStone some hints to the other 3 maps

[18:34] <Azrail> he has the x-mas ones and this one right?

[18:35] <Zyke Hatar> Yes

[18:35] <Syoshi Kyoga> oh Melphi ?

[18:35] <DragonStone> yeah

[18:35] <DragonStone> brb AFK

[18:35] <Syoshi Kyoga> where is everyone?

[18:36] <Azrail> kay oO

[18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:36] * Azrail stabs him

[18:37] <Azrail> damn...

[18:37] <Azrail> he stole my (virtual) money... again...

[18:37] <Syoshi Kyoga> got awway

[18:37] 4 other players online: Syoshi Kyoga, Zyke Hatar, Azrail, Joshua

[18:37] <Zyke Hatar> XD

[18:37] <DragonStone> lol

[18:37] <Azrail> I would love to give ya a gift... it is called a time bomb....

[18:38] * Zyke Hatar blows up Syoshi Kyoga

[18:38] <Azrail> hey, were are you people?

[18:38] <Azrail> YAY XD

[18:39] <DragonStone> im in the cathredel...

[18:39] <Azrail> were did DragonStone go? oe

[18:39] <Zyke Hatar> Which Cathedral?

[18:39] <Azrail> ANTI TILL DEATH XD

[18:40] <DragonStone> the on wih the ...

[18:40] <Azrail> what did I say? Anti.. lol

[18:40] <Syoshi Kyoga> Syoshi Avaids all death!

[18:41] <DragonStone> hi lol

[18:41] <Azrail> hia oO

[18:41] <Azrail> hey...

[18:41] <DragonStone> <.< >.>

[18:41] <DragonStone> creepy

[18:41] <Azrail> Zyke ment that I should give ya hints on the other areas oo

[18:41] <DragonStone> right....

[18:42] <Azrail> and no... I am not female... you should still know me as Wasser if I remember right...

[18:42] * Zyke Hatar blows up both cathedrals*

[18:42] <Syoshi Kyoga> Where is everyone?

[18:42] <DragonStone> .....me donts remember lol

[18:42] <Azrail> the anti one is still OK Zy....

[18:42] <Zyke Hatar> I'm in my hideout

[18:42] <Azrail> I did kill and revive ya about 400 times...

[18:42] <Azrail> XD

[18:42] <DragonStone> ohhhhhh you lolz

[18:42] <Azrail> yeah oo^^

[18:43] <Azrail> hehe,... well the first hint (I make hints as sentences...)

[18:43] <DragonStone> O.o

[18:43] <DragonStone> okay...

[18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga> ...

[18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:43] * Zyke Hatar blows up a bomb from inside DragonStone*

[18:43] <Azrail> being in a ^%$%&$@ (&% %&^( isn't everything ya know? oe kay... this one is rather easy oO

[18:44] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:44] <Azrail> booh Oo

[18:44] <DragonStone> this one is...small

[18:44] <Syoshi Kyoga> why hate me?

[18:44] <Azrail> yep...

[18:44] <Azrail> for stealing mah money oo

[18:45] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:45] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:45] <DragonStone> whats the next one?

[18:46] <Azrail> "AQuA5icAg3" XD a little harder ^^

[18:46] <Azrail> oo

[18:47] <DragonStone> i dont get it!

[18:47] <Azrail> tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock....

[18:48] <Azrail> it is rather easy... want to have a tip on that one?

[18:48] <DragonStone> that would ve nice

[18:48] <DragonStone> *be

[18:49] <Azrail> Tip: what should I cate about there numbers? they are all just small fishes while my warriors are

[18:49] strong so go to hell...

[18:49] <Zyke Hatar> a quiet myth will always be

[18:49] <Azrail> *care

[18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga>

[18:50] <Azrail> sayoshi again....

[18:50] <Azrail> *syoshi....

[18:50] <Zyke Hatar> *syoshi blows up*

[18:50] <Zyke Hatar> Not my money

[18:50] <Zyke Hatar> XD

[18:51] <Syoshi Kyoga> Syoshi Avaids All Death!

[18:51] <DragonStone> OMG I HATE RIDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[18:51] <Zyke Hatar> DragonStone

[18:51] <Azrail> I just told ya that you should ignore numbers and small letters...

[18:51] <Zyke Hatar> A Quiet myth Will always be

[18:52] <Azrail> away from that... his sentence is good...

[18:52] <Azrail> I just give it ya... but dont tell Zyke or he kills me... @-&-* oo

[18:53] <Azrail> yo, Zy...

[18:53] <Zyke Hatar> Hello Az

[18:53] <DragonStone> lol another small one

[18:53] <Zyke Hatar> Yes

[18:54] <Zyke Hatar> Do you have them all know?

[18:54] <Azrail> the last one is small to... %*&%&%&$#!!!! <<

[18:54] <Azrail> I love easy hints...

[18:55] <DragonStone> still got one more (if there is only 16)

[18:55] <Azrail> or super complicated ones... but noone ever gets them...

[18:55] <Zyke Hatar> Do you have them all now?

[18:55] <Syoshi Kyoga> Hello?

[18:55] <DragonStone> no i think i gots 1 more

[18:56] <DragonStone> if there is 16

[18:56] <Zyke Hatar> the is 15 total

[18:56] <Syoshi Kyoga> <sigh>

[18:56] <DragonStone> oh ok

[18:56] <Azrail> it are 16 arent it? And ya missed three... and I gave ya three didn't I? oe

[18:56] <Zyke Hatar> ABOUT to be 16

[18:56] <DragonStone> okey lol

[18:56] <Zyke Hatar> But I wont make this map public

[18:56] <DragonStone> thanx

[18:56] <Azrail> yeah,,, I have 16... eo

[18:57] <Zyke Hatar> What do you have?

[18:57] <DragonStone> ......how there is only 15?!

[18:57] <DragonStone> u said lol

[18:57] <Azrail> 16 area passwords....

[18:57] <DragonStone> whats the other one

[18:57] <Zyke Hatar> WHAT DO YOU HAVE

[18:57] <Azrail> oe??

[18:57] <Azrail> 16 passes? Did I miss something?

[18:57] <Zyke Hatar> -__-

[18:57] <Azrail> a6 freakin' keys? oO

[18:58] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones?

[18:59] <DragonStone> ...well

<Zyke Hatar> Everyone on skype says they have 15

<DragonStone> ....

[19:00] <Azrail> 234 @$% #%& *&( &%^ (*^ $%& ^($  $#@ %$^ %*$ ^#^ *&# *^$ (%^ #$@

[19:00] <Azrail> ee

[19:00] <Azrail> are mine...

[19:01] <DragonStone> i cant warp on &%^

[19:01] <Azrail> and that are 16 oo

[19:01] <DragonStone> oh we are on here lol

[19:01] <Azrail> thats because we ARE at *%$ at the moment...

[19:01] <Zyke Hatar> Your right

[19:01] <Zyke Hatar> I miss counted

[19:01] <Azrail> yep oo

[19:01] <Zyke Hatar> this is *%$

[19:02] <DragonStone> OH it was &$^

[19:02] <DragonStone> Rofl

[19:02] <Azrail> YOU... damn DONT say KEYWORDS on global chat plz...

[19:03] <DragonStone> OH SRY

[19:03] <Azrail> no prob eo

[19:03] <DragonStone> i forgot

[19:03] <Azrail> so you missed the rebirth cahmber huh? oe

[19:03] <Azrail> chamber

[19:03] <DragonStone> yep

[19:04] <Colbydude> 'allo?

[19:04] <Azrail> wonder if I get there someday and can actually READ something on the stone thingys there

[19:04] <Azrail> heya oO

[19:04] <DragonStone> yeah srsly

[19:04] <DragonStone> hi!

[19:04] <Colbydude> what's shakin?

[19:04] <DragonStone> notin just talking lol

[19:05] <Colbydude> nice

[19:05] <Azrail> was rather hard to find that one on the BBS thought... oh did I mention that I found 9 on the BBS

[19:05] one through help and got one simply said? (when it were still 11 maps...)

[19:05] <Azrail> yep.... XD

[19:05] <DragonStone> cool

[19:06] <Azrail> hehe oo

[19:06] <DragonStone> *silence* lol

[19:06] <Zyke Hatar> holy fuck...

[19:07] <DragonStone> wat?

[19:07] <Azrail> ya just have to search a little and you can find nearly everything on the BBS...

[19:07] <Azrail> whats up Zy?

[19:07] <DragonStone> yep srsly

[19:07] <Zyke Hatar> I've been helping a friend troubleshoot their comp

[19:07] <Azrail> yeah... and?

[19:07] <DragonStone> so wat happened

[19:07] <Zyke Hatar> They should have mentioned that they had the BSoD from the start

[19:08] <Azrail> do I have to know that Acronym? oe

[19:08] <DragonStone> .....what? im not a com. nerd (no offens)

[19:08] <Zyke Hatar> Blue Screen of Death

[19:08] <Azrail> OH ><

[19:08] <Zyke Hatar> yeah

[19:08] <DragonStone> lolololololoololollollololololololollololloll!!!

[19:08] <Azrail> omg...

[19:09] <Zyke Hatar> Its a result of an UNFIXABLE windows error

[19:09] <Azrail> well... as long as ya dont get a red ring of death on your local xbox.....

[19:09] <Azrail> XD

[19:09] <Colbydude> Where are you guys even at?

[19:09] <Azrail> I am not allowed to tell ya Vv

[19:09] <Azrail> and if I did I would have to kill you oo

[19:09] <DragonStone> sin ran hati

[19:09] <Colbydude> ah some kind of admin/moderator thing?

[19:09] <DragonStone> thats the name lol

[19:09] <Colbydude> or not

[19:09] <Azrail> nope... just a hidden map XD

[19:10] <DragonStone> i got to go :P

[19:10] <Azrail> kay.. cyaosen oO

[19:10] <Colbydude> well how do you get there?

[19:10] <Azrail> XD

[19:10] <Zyke Hatar> okay bye

LOGED OUT  <-----not getting on till tommorow 

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