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The World Chat Journal #2

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LOL its been a while but i got it, if you are in here well cool. Hope you guys like it!

[17:25] Logged in.

[17:25] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can

[17:25] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box.

[17:25] 2 other players online: Shadow of Death, Neko

[17:26] <Shadow of Death> Any hints?

[17:26] <DragonStone> Hi!

[17:26] <Neko> lets go to the ball room

[17:26] <Shadow of Death> Hi!

[17:26] <Neko> do u now the leters 4 it

[17:26] <Neko> hi

[17:26] <DragonStone> hi :D

[17:26] <Neko> u new

[17:27] <DragonStone> no

[17:27] <Neko> ok

[17:27] <Shadow of Death> xsf

[17:27] <Shadow of Death> I think

[17:27] <Neko> do u have all 16 areas

[17:27] <Neko> yes go

[17:27] <DragonStone> no i have 11

[17:27] <Neko> o lol

[17:27] <DragonStone> have not played in a month

[17:27] <Neko> shadow its XSF go to it

[17:28] <Neko> o lol

[17:28] <Shadow of Death> I have a nickname, U know!

[17:28] <Shadow of Death> 2!

[17:28] <Neko> haseo

[17:28] <Shadow of Death> Oui?

[17:28] <Neko> go to XSF

[17:28] <Shadow of Death> I'm in the ballroom.

[17:28] <Neko> o

[17:28] <DragonStone> lol

[17:29] <DragonStone> were is the ballroom?

[17:29] <Shadow of Death> Sittin in my seat

[17:29] <Shadow of Death> xsf

[17:29] <DragonStone> oh

[17:29] <Neko> brb

[17:30] <Shadow of Death> You're Tsukasa, right?

[17:30] <Shadow of Death> Neko

[17:30] <Shadow of Death> I mean

[17:30] <DragonStone> hi

[17:30] <Shadow of Death> hello again

[17:31] <Shadow of Death> That seat dont work.  The bottom one

[17:31] <Akurei> HI PEOPLE!!!

[17:31] <Shadow of Death> Yo!

[17:31] <Neko> back

[17:31] <Akurei> HEY!

[17:31] <DragonStone> i look like im standing on the chair

[17:31] <Akurei> Hey Neko!

[17:31] <Shadow of Death> Neko, you're Tsukasa, right?

[17:31] <Neko> Tsukas_

[17:31] <Akurei> Where're you guys?

[17:31] <Neko> WIT AN UNDERSCORE

[17:31] <Shadow of Death> xsf

[17:32] <DragonStone> in the ballroom

[17:32] <Akurei> k

[17:32] <DragonStone> epic music

[17:32] <Shadow of Death> No comment

[17:32] <Neko> lol

[17:33] <DragonStone> hi smile.png

[17:33] <Akurei> hi

[17:33] <Neko> hi

[17:33] <Akurei> 'ello neko

[17:34] <Akurei> 'ello shadow an' dragon

[17:34] <DragonStone> hi

[17:34] <Neko> call shadow haseo

[17:34] <Akurei> k'day

[17:34] <Shadow of Death> Hello.

[17:35] <Akurei> hey haseo

[17:35] 3 other players online: Akurei, Shadow of Death, Neko

[17:35] <DragonStone> rarely this many people on

[17:35] <Shadow of Death> I got a new monitor for Christmas!

[17:35] <Neko> lol

[17:35] <Akurei> i've seen more.

[17:35] <Neko> i got 10 new games

[17:35] <Neko> same

[17:36] <Akurei> which games

[17:36] <DragonStone> i gots a new camcorder

[17:36] <Akurei> i gots camera!!!

[17:36] <Akurei> XD

[17:36] <Shadow of Death> Me 2!

[17:36] <Akurei> yay

[17:36] <DragonStone> mine has a camera built in it too

[17:36] <Neko> an import oh .hack fragment    dmc3 ffx2

[17:37] <Neko> ffx

[17:37] <DragonStone> .....what?

[17:37] <Neko> adbrevation to lazy to spell the whole thing

[17:37] <DragonStone> oh

[17:37] <DragonStone> lol

[17:37] <Akurei> lazyness

[17:37] <DragonStone> FTW

[17:37] <Neko> so

[17:38] <Akurei> ?

[17:38] <DragonStone> For The Win

[17:38] <Akurei> dunno

[17:38] <Neko> i love skubo

[17:38] <Akurei> ...

[17:38] <Neko> lol

[17:38] <Akurei> skubo?

[17:39] <Neko> from dot hack G.U

[17:39] <Akurei> what's skubo??

[17:39] <Neko> the emobitch he she

[17:39] <DragonStone> is this based off of R:1 or R:2

[17:39] <Neko> all three

[17:39] <DragonStone> O.O oh rly!

[17:39] <Neko> you the girl who is allway ner en

[17:39] <Akurei> i haven't read all of the .hacks...

[17:40] <DragonStone> me niether lol

[17:40] <Neko> the game

[17:40] <Neko> i have played them all waced al the anime and read all the books

[17:40] <Shadow of Death> I read all but GU+ and XXXX

[17:40] <Neko> xxx

[17:40] <Akurei> nor played the games or watched the anime

[17:40] <DragonStone> all i ever wached or read was the Legend of the Twilight Bracelet

[17:41] <Shadow of Death> So technically, I did read all the books.  And it's XXXX

[17:41] <Neko> wate o ya it is

[17:41] <Akurei> ive only read, like1 set

[17:41] <DragonStone> i got to go smile.png

[17:41] <Neko> go to this to see sakubo

i logged out.

so, there is more to come (if there is any players on >.<) and if you want to be in one, first there has to be at least 3 other players. 2 i have to be on 3. it has to be a little interesting.

RIGHT NOW IM PLAYING <----- note NOW as in when i post this!

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