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Which game to start on?


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Dragon Age: Origins and Left 4 Dead 2.

DA:O wasn't my kind of RPG (Felt kinda lame to me..) and L4D2 since i'm just gonna get in on the PC later, no use of having 2 copies.

Also since I get full price back, might as well do it now.

Oh, and I might see if they can just let me reserve or per-order Army of Two: 40th Day and Darksiders with the same money :D

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:D *Faint*

. . . .

*Regains consciousness*

YOUR lame!

DA:O Is awesome!

My Fiance and I are playing it.

I just spent another 3 hours on it :D 

I always like BioWare's games.

I'm lame for it not being my type of RPG? (2 attack animations, your lame untill a quarter through, your party is abunch of failures, blah blah blah).

I'm gonna have to take that as a compliment then, thank you.

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No, your lame for saying that DA:O is lame tongue.png

There are more attack animations, and party members are awesome. I like the Mabari War Dogs, and the fact that you can have a relationship with some of your party members is just funny :P

But the quests are fun, the story-line is awesome, and there is ALWAYS something to do. I mean, just the main quest has 75 hours of game play. WithOUT any of the side-quests.

Plus, every gamer mag and every game critic I have read/seen/heard has given it great reviews, which was a great reason to try. Now I'm hooked lol. :D

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I'm really not one to do this, but people calling either other lame while they can't even type the insult correctly is just killing me and for some reason everyone's making this very simple mistake :D

"your" is NOT "you are".

"your" is for referring to something that belongs to you. Your nose (is big). Your house (is white). Your avatar (is scary).

"you're" is "you are". You're an idiot. You're awesome.

Now please stop making me think "...my lame is what? What about my lame? I have a lame?" in reaction to "your lame" >_<

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