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No body logs on anymore

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I'm not sure if someone or myself already suggested this. It may be either wishful thinking or a Deja Vu, or whatever, so

Isn't there a way to incorporate a "Who's Online" add-in to the forums. I've seen plenty of MMO's with Lists of Who's Currently Online in their game. Via Forums, so I think (or possible already thought), that it shouldn't be too hard to do.

or is it?

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If there was a way for the server of this site to periodically ftp into the server of the game and grab a file that the game server would periodically update saying who's online, then yeah.

Never even thought of being able to have such a great site when making what I have of the server, but if I did I could of made such things work a lot easier >_<

...Although, I'm not too sure if it'd be such a great thing, as I have a feeling everyone would see no one's online and no one would ever go on again >_< lol

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