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Member Organised Events!

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We've decided to start up a system where you members can get together to organise events, such as parties, and we admins will advertise them forum wide! :P

This is how it'll work:

    [*]If you want to have your own event, you'll first need to get quite a few supporters by your own means and prove to us that the event will be worth doing (for example show us a thread or chat log where quite a few members like the idea of your event and are willing to participate in it).

    Once the event's looking like a good idea, you can PM one of us admins about the event idea with proof that people are willing to participate in it.

    [*]Once we receive the PM and review it, we'll give you special access to this events board where you can make a formal topic about the event to help organise dates, times, locations etc and use as the focus to show all members information about the event.

    [*]Next, when you've decided on where and when to hold the event, you can PM us again and we'll add the details to the news box and forum calendar. You can also give us an invite we can mass PM to members for you if you wish.

    [*]Finally, the event is held and all has fun :D

    Make sure that from now on when anyone feels like having an event/party etc, you point them here! :P

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Anji Roru Aurarios: "Aww, no, I have not heard any Halloween events anywhere in the forum boards.  Besides, I never attend Halloween as it is based upon my Angelique nature."

Demora Roru Aurarios: "She is right, as she will be mostly sleeping during Halloween while I go having fun scaring the wits upon young children, hehe."

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whuts wrong with Angelique nature i like your demon side better but there shod be a Halloween event

Anji-sempai meant that she is an Angel-type sort of being.  Angels in heaven never attends Halloween, unless if something important comes up.  Anji-sempai and Demora-sempai may be twins, but both of them live in a different area.  Here is a chart that I will sort of demonstrate...

Angel = Halloween = weakness = sleep mode

Angel = Christmas = strongest = active mode

Demon = Halloween = strongest = active mode

Demon = Christmas = weakness = sleep mode

Oh and yes I may agree upon the Halloween event coming this month.  Since I am neither and angel nor demon, but I am just a touhou halfling.

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