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Apeiron's 3D models! (of doom?)

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yeah, and sharpening them in gimp only makes the scattered pixels more visible -_-

and CC uses those textures and they don't look so ba-..



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finished wavemaster males.

Now let me explain why it's not the Elk/Tsukasa base.

It didn't seem fair to me that all the bases are of a normal height and Wavemasters for some reason are the only midgets.

this seemed like the best compromise :P.

now, a Preview :D -




more to come :D

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not MUCH work done, i'm procrastinating. and having seizures waiting for Skyrim..

in the .hack department: Carmina Gadelica




not finished as of yet. I may do it sometime this week or the next though.

And a test of my skills:


all hand-made(no pun intended) without reference except my own hand.


here I added a quick default texture (ignore the thumb, it didn't texture properly)

that's all for now :P

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yeah! I was surprised as well. the problem is it's time consuming as hell :ohmanohgod:

started on the arms this morning:



and I fixed the clumpy shape of the thumb (somewhat):


again all without any picture reference. my current poly count is 676. my goal is (hopefully) less then 3000, including the head. which is a bit of a challenge i'm going to overcome.

my true goal is actually making it look better then an arm off of one piece..

more to come :P

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thar, finished my base. went a bit over my limit (about 3100 polys I think..)




It's all one object unlike my other models, and yes: those are real toes! :P

from that base I also designed the new Heavy Axeman model:


pointy shoes FTW



that's all for now :P

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thanks :D

forgot to update recently :wtfmansrsly:

long arms are done:



and now *drumroll*. Blademasters!



Before I continue, i'm going to explain the system i've sort of worked out for the characters:

in the beginning you choose your class.(as of now these are the normal .hack classes, they may change)

Then you choose your classes gender(male or female..duh)

afterwards you choose the 'base' (ex: twin blade male bases are kite body, ninja body, and sora/moonstone body)

(a quick note about the 'bases', they only are body build. NOT CLOTHING. The reason it isn't just the same 3 builds for all classes is that twin blades aren't powerful and the strongest looking twin would probably only be of sora's stature)

You choose your face/skin types based on your chosen class.

Then you choose various clothing styles based on your chosen class.

You then choose your hairstyle based on your chosen class.

Then a name is chosen.

this may all be changed later, so i'll keep you updated.

more to come :P

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no, there are styles O.o

color depends on your wave (earth, fire, water, wood, darkness, thunder)

each class has it's own syles. take crim for example: he has towering spiky hair. you can't just put that hair on a heavy axe or something like that XD

EDIT: I might as well put this here as well:



I don't need skeith, but I wanted him for a couple of reasons. Besides, who wouldn't want skeith? he's badass XP

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boo, i like being able to completely customize it lol.

you can't even imagine how much I groaned when I read that. I don't like doing extra work XD

finished an arena. may use it unless I make a better one


it's based off of this:


got a lot done today actually. wait.. it's 1 am.. I got a lot done in two days XP

that's all for now :P

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