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Apeiron's 3D models! (of doom?)

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kk, im about finished with my mac anu model, i just have to place a few more buildings, finish textures, etc. so i brought some images to give you a more full feel of mac anu ( unless you've played the original 4 games, then you can just see it again :D)ma2.png



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Can i join Ape's team?

not exactly a team, im making it on my own as of now XP but i could use help if you can make a decent character model :D

I can't! :[

I can't model at all lol

Dunno how :[

My Fiance does though :[

just takes practice. lots and lots of practice XP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Looks really good :[

Just, textures are really low res :[

can't fix that one unless i get a better source then failed rippings from CC >.<

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alright guys, i think my last post about 'a few more buildings for mac anu' was the biggest understatement of all time >.<

UPDATE: more mac anu (i guarantee you'll get lost by the time you play the game XD)




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