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Dragons in The World


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*yaaaaaaawn* I've been inactive as of late. I missed a thread from weeks back. Anywho, let me have a crack at this thread.

variwhatever - Well hellew there. I'd just like to say that imagination and logic are still polar opposites, and that you shouldn't go out of your way to make a spectacle on the internet. It doesn't work here. Neither does your avatar, apparently. I'm getting a big red X fail box.

SeraphSoul - Well, the new sprites were supposed to be done month(s) ago. BUT SADLY our lead graphics guy died, or something. And we're working on building the team back up. And the game will (eventually) be a full-fledged MORPG, just give it some time.

orbman - ...Do you even read threads before you post? Or just the title?

~Hmmm, I wonder why I'll never be MotM... XD

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