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General [The World] Roleplay

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This topic will be about actual in-game roleplay. That means its based on our current game, except in the near (distant) future when it is more complete. There are monsters, hackers (PM me first for this one), secret areas, etc. For now, I'll start with the basics, and depending on how many people are interested, expand from there.

I'll let everyone set their own classes and levels, though I expect people who are more active to be higher levels than someone who isn't really that active on the game/forum. If I see someone come in and post being level 100+ when they're completely new, I'll void it. No classes like "God" or anything unbeatable. The only people who are beyond touch are; AI's, bugs, Hackers, and administrators/developers. If you want to play any of these roles, PM me first.

For this RP, certain people will be given certain rights above other players. These are the Keeper-classes; regular player classes that are also in-game Moderators. They do not have the authority of admins, but they have the admin's ears, and work to get rid of bugs and hackers.

"There are other Rp topics, why are you starting this one?" Those topics are awesome, don't get me wrong, but I just feel like having something here for myself and others to Rp in. If no one does, I'll post my own Rps here, since I've already gotten the permission of several people to use their characters in a story-like format.

No flaming will be tolerated. If you have a comment on this topic, PM me about it. Its for straight-RP only after this post. If you comment something Out of Character (OOC) here, I will ask that it be deleted from the topic as soon as possible, since it is not wanted (IC only). Character sheets should be PMed to me, as well as any questions, or desires to see something added. From time to time, if I get enough requests for something, such as an announcement of actual classes, I'll post it as a Developer's message. This will allow for OOC requests to be done without shattering the flow of RP.

@Grammar Nazi's: While I expect people to cut out all net-speak in actual roleplay, I do not mind if they use it for their character talking. Why is this? In the animes/games, it was hinted that people used net-speak while chatting with a keyboard. Thus, this will be allowed in speak, but should be in that form only. Also, I do not expect everyone to start a new paragraph for each time a person speaks. Why is this? This is a forum, not a book, and sometimes it looks nicer if a person speaks and does actions in one paragraph, instead of a bunch of little ones. Though, I would push that there is a different paragraph for each person's speaking, unless its something short like agreeing with a simple 'yes' or 'no.' Use your own judgment.  :D

Thank you,


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It was a welcome sight, one that he would look forwards to laying eyes upon every evening...Every night during work, and all day when he was out and about. It was a simple thing, something most had in this day and age, something often taken for granted; a computer. Not just any computer, this was his special machine, this was Lilith, a computer he had spent a lot of time (and cash) on customizing to his every desire.

A sigh leaves his lips, and he finds himself in the familiar leather chair, the screen coming to life before him. The words on it almost made him smile. Welcome home, Master Kuronen. He almost clicked his tongue, though, as he realized the mistake. The last few days, he had worked on his special little AI program, dubbed L.U.N.N.A, without rest...And had thought he'd broken through to the point that it could use both the dual web cameras and multiple microphones to recognize everyone who entered. "I keep telling you, its just Kuronen." He responds out loud, wondering why the program was unwilling to accept the name change input.

Of course Master Kuronen. Will we partake in our World today? It was a special response, one that would only be offered to him. See, his computer was different. It had no keyboard, no mouse, instead it had a simple pad; ebony in color, and made up of only a touch pad, the four arrow keys, and a single orange button that was glowing in light. Where, then, were the controls? The AI did it all, based on his voice command, based on his whims. "Lunna, we shall partake. Take me to Daystar." It was the 'password' that would open up his favorite program, the little game he had spent all his free time (minus that spent programming L.U.N.N.A) upon. The monitor flashed to life, and the image of another 'desktop' program kicks up. "Log into the account Kuronen, password is the typical." he states, watching as the screen changes, and invisible keys are hit. Reaching down, he lifts a small object, and places it over his eyes. They were new, something fresh on the market; V.R. Goggles.

Soft music filled his ears, a theme from one of his favorite shows. He glances around, though the single eye of his character. About him was a massive field of flowers, stretching as far as the eye could see...Broken only in its 'center' by an otherworldly large Sakura tree, a tree that seemed to leave all about it rained upon with pink petals. This was the field known as Daystar, a field that only he and three others had access to; a hacked realm all of his own.

"You know, its naughty to keep a lady waiting."

His head turns, and the bandanna-turned-eye patch fluttered behind him. "I see your voice system is repaired, Lunna. Any reason why you only use it in this game?" The woman who stood before him was only a few years past her teens, or so it appeared. She had long blue hair, that danced around her young pale face. She floats forwards to greet the other, and the sounds of soft bells fill the air, bouncing from the ivory staff she carried. At the end of said-staff was a 'fingernail' moon, making it look almost like an axe blade, save thicker. Her body was in a modest ebony dress that hung down to her ankles. The strangest part? Her eyes were solid black, with only green 1's and 0's flashing through them endlessly.

"Yes Master Kuronen, my voice system is nearly complete. However, any use upon the external speaker systems through the machine itself causes a data error and causes me to reboot completely. So far, the only work around for this is to ping the game's severs, and have them send the vocal data to your machine. Do not worry, I have encoded everything as to hide my existence, even from other Hackers." Though only an incomplete AI, her voice held life and cheerfulness that most machines lacked. It brought a smile to his lips.

"Well, I cannot expect more than that." He looks skywards, his green cape shifting in a light breeze. "Lunna, gate me to the hardest field currently in existence. I want to test something." His right hand comes up to point at the brown eye patch he currently wore. It was the only odd thing his avatar openly showed, the fact his eye patch was on the left eye, instead of the right as it was on all other machines. Rumor had it, he won it in a competition. The truth? He edited it himself, wanting to stand out a little. Well, that and...

"Understood Master Kuronen. Be warned, one of the Keepers is currently in that zone. The one you call Rusty." Her voice brought him a moment of pause, before a frustrated sigh escaped his lips. "Great. Then send me to Miya. I think I'll visit with her for a bit." He didn't give the woman time to respond, but instead moved face-first into the large tree. No 'thud' would follow, instead he would step through, and 'gate in' to the private room of his partner, Miya.

The young violet haired avatar sat upon her bed, legs swaying from under a dark violet dress. She looks up as she hears him enter, black eyes completely void of anything. "Hey Miya. Sorry I'm late." He knew what that look meant, it meant he was keeping her up past her bed time, and she was about to scold him...

"...Papa needs pay attention." The voice was so young, yet completely dead. It was as if listening to a machine. He winces all the same, as if it were a screaming voice, filled with rage. "...Princess already read a story because Papa is always late. And kitty even came and chased me..." She continues, causing him to chuckle sheepishly. "Well, that's..." he would only begin, before he was suddenly on the ground. The girl giggled, though very faintly, and nuzzled her head against his chest. "...But I waited for Papa." She muttered.

Kuronen smiles and pets her hair, adjusting the band that kept it from her eyes, before standing up, one arm around her. "Aye, you're a good girl Miya. But we need to get you into bed, so that I can go test my new toys." He explains, looking away as she gives him that knowing look, a look that makes him squirm....

"...Liar. Papa going to see princess."

Six words, spoken by a girl no more than twelve, and it made his face turn from pale in fear, to bright red, to completely downhearted. "Well...Maybe later. But I really am testing something!" he whines, only to be ignored as she heads to bed. He follows, of course, and makes a show of tucking the young'un in, before departing. He knew when she got in -those- moods, it was best just to let things go, for fear of her running to his Sister. With her put to bed, and only a single Keeper between himself and a new test, he decides to take a few moments to do what he knows he should have done from the start.

"Lunna, idle my avatar, I'm going to get some food." And with that, he was out of the familiar chair, leaving it spinning behind him, and moving to the door. His hand snatches a hat as he goes, flopping it down on his blonde hair even as the heat of the sun hit his figure. "Damned weather." He mutters, glancing back and pondering skipping a meal to continue his game..."Naa, I'd be scolded for sure." And then he leaves.

(Log one: 20090801, 0737 Hours, Arizona US Timezone.)

An hour later, he finds himself back in that familiar chair, and looking through the eye of the black haired counterpart known as Kuronen. "You know, you take too long." The soft voice causes him to turn, and he finds himself grinning; both on and offline. "Well hello, Mel." The words leave his lips in the form of a soft purr, a warning to the endless game of cat-and-mouse played by the Princess and her Flirtive Knight.

"Well hello, my clumsy knight." She responds with the nickname he had earned from his many on-the-job accidents of late. Her voice, unlike his own, is cheerful and light, lacking the undertone purr of a flirt. She was the mouse in their game, or at least he viewed her as such, the innocent person just trying to survive...To where he, the cat, was always trying to catch her, to corner her and leave her red in the face. This, of course, was known to few; after all, she was taken, and happily in love with someone else. Still, they played their game, always keeping it proper but laced with an undertone of challenge. "Lunna and me were having a rather interesting conversation about your browsing habits."

His single blue eye widens, and he looks around, trying to find the AI who had a bad habit of teaming up with the 'mouse' to help beat the cat. She was, of course, hidden on that little hacked field...And smartly so. "And what, exactly, has she told you I've been doing?" His voice is stern, solemn, but the woman before him knows better...Knows that he is only trying to sound scary and serious....

"Oh, you know, this and that. Something about spying on a helpless little princess." She bats her eyelashes once, before a hand moves to her mouth to stifle a giggle. He was, at that moment, gaping at her like a fish out of water, followed by one of his pouting expressions. "Oh come on, I know she's only teasing you. I just can't help it. Its so rare for me to get to one-up you so easily." She steps forwards enough to place a kiss to his cheek, before turning with a ruffle of her dress.

Said-Knight only smiles, accepting the peck to the cheek, and pondering a split second on capturing her into his arms and putting his fingers to work tickling her. He brushes it aside, knowing if he did Lunna would spawn a few monsters to chase him away or lag up his avatar enough for Melphina to escape. "Yes, women are evil." He mutters, only causing Melphina to glance back curiously at him. "What was that?" She would ask, to which he just waved it off. "Nothing, nothing. Whats going on today?"

(Log two: 20090801, 1517 Hours, Arizona US Timezone.)

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