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Today was the day! >.<

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I went afk to eat lunch... nothing too snazzy, macaroni and cheese :D

I come back to about 50 personal messages (in-game) from someone i won't mention.

They were assaulting my mind with the most annoying questions, asking for a "10th keyword, and where all the monsters are at, and why can't you jump, and what's the music called, and why are the people so little, and where are the shop keepers, and how come i can't change my hair, and this is better than maple story, nvm this sucks maplestory rlz, why aren't you replying, helloooooo, what's your real name" etc....

It was bogging my computer down.

So this certain player follows me everywhere for almost an hour, so i go to the labyrinth hoping to lose a noob, and the twit assaults me with pm's then tries to rp by randomly *ATTACK*ing me.

I chose from that point on..

I will destroy all annoying noobs

for myself...

and for The World...

I even tried to be nice at first, but after logging out and making another character, I've decided nice is too much effort for little old me.

Annoying Noobs beware.

Your hours are numbered.

If you truly believe my mission is holy

then feel free to join me.

And remember...

This is for the good of The World

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The ignore feature wouldn't be able

to stop them from following you though,

would it?

actually it shouldnt matter, all he has to do is go to another area... that gives him plenty of time to hide or something while they try to find the keyword of the area he went to.

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Guest Melphina Micaela

That's not fair.

Having to go to another area,

leaving the conversation

and your friends to go hide

just cuz someone won't leave you alone.

Meh. I suppose.

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I'm thinking ignoring people so much would just be boring. You need interesting characters :D

Of course once there's PKing there's no way you'll be able to ignore people lol. That'd just be like cheating lol

But, I have an epic plan so that PKing far from ruins the game ^^

I guess I *could* make it completely destroy them when you ignore them, but should I? lol

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