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This is my story

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My name is Roxe and this is my story.

I've been playing this game for about 3 days and i still don't tire of it,even though currently there's not much in it,but areas and players. I find myself drawn to some of the areas,areas people may or may not be. Lately,there's something in two areas that draws me to them,the areas are Gate de Berg and Neo D'Ark di Fede. There's a almost mystical thing that draws me to them. I spend almost all my time just standing there,listening to the music of The World. It seems like some players of this World like some areas more than others as well and they just stand there listening. Even when this game is completed,i will still be drawn to these Mystic Areas. I know there's still much i don't know about this World,but i intend to find them,the final Mystery of The World. Of cource,if i don't,i still have my areas. I love The World,it's my home.

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Guest Melphina Micaela


That was a really nice log.

I hope you keep writing and

enjoying your time inside [The World]. :]

I also admit that I go to areas

just to listen to the music

and speak on global chat. XD

I tend to do that with the cathedral the most.

And sometimes Sinking Distant Holyground.

This place has become a home to a lot of us.

So welcome to the family! : D

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