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Who do you usually have in your party?


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What characters do you usually tend to keep in you party and why? [Either or both game series.]

In IMQO I usually preferred to have Mistral and BlackRose tag along. I mostly chose Mistral because I needed someone on healing duty and I happened to like her a tad bit more than Elk. As for BlackRose, she was just kind of there since the beginning and all, and I just happened to have her at a significantly level than everyone else.

I haven't really played G.U. yet, but from what I can tell, Atoli and Endrance would probably be who I'd end up choosing. ^^"

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Eh, been a while since I played .hack games, but I can remember this.

IMOQ - Elk/Blackrose (Healer and damage, no real reason why I particularly picked them apart from the fact they're faves of mine.)

G.U. - Atoli/Natsume (Healer and damage again. Used to be an Atoli fanboy, Natsume's awesome.)

I never did pick team members based on actual performance. x:

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