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Xbox LIVE Gamertags 'n' LIVE Games

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;D ;D ;D

Figured I'd edit mine to look more like Walnut's, lol.

GT: Uzzi Lumpkin

*Live Camera compatible, and I have one.




Halo 3


*Duke Nukem 3D*

*Texas Hold 'Em*

Marble Blast Ultra

Rock Band

A Kingdom for Keflings (still looking for the last achievement, btw. I'll help some people out, too)

Dance Dance Revolution Universe

Boom Boom Rocket

Aegis Wing

Dash of Destruction

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, but I'd rather not play that online because I'd have to update! I like the glitch too much and don't feel like clearning my cache everytime I'm done playing so I can keep it.

If my brother ain't using it...

Halo 2

CoD 4

CoD: WaW


Halo 2, but I'm kinda laggy. Should be fun to mooch some achievements off of someone though lol.

They are in order of how likely I am to hop on and play.

I have two XBLA arcade discs coming so I'll update with the online capable games on there whenever I get them.

EDIT: These are the games coming on the discs that will be available, but idk what order to put them in yet so they will be down here til I play.

Wik and the Fable of Souls

*Hardwood Backgammon*

Mr. Driller Online

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Available at All Times

Call of Duty: World at War (Will have on PC as well soon)

Gears of War 2

Grand Theft Auto 4

Rock Band 2

When I'm home I also have:

Halo 3

Call of Duty 4 (Also on PC)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Also on PC)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (I think this has online)

NCAA Football 08

Gears of War


[LUE] walnut100


Counter-Strike: Source

Call of Duty 4 (Also on 360 when at home)

Dark Messiah

Day of Defeat: Source

Garry's Mod

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Left 4 Dead

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Also on 360 when at home)

SiN 1

Synergy (I have everything but Riot Act)

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress 2

Unreal Tournament 3

Sven Coop (Yes I have the HL1 Anthology)

NonSteam PC Games:

Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword (Message me on Steam to setup a game)

That about covers it for me. Also stickied.

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PSN:  paRRan

PS3 Games:

Killzone 2

Grand Theft Auto IV

Metal Gear Solid 4:  Guns of the Patriots

Steam:  gmparski

Steam Games:

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike Source

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress 2

Other Games:

Battlefield 2  -  gmparski

Battlefield Heroes  -  paRRan

Warcraft 3 (DotA)  -  gmparski

I think that's it...

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LIVE Gamertag: Minalien

Steam ID: Minalien


LIVE Games:


Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Halo 2

(XBORX 360)

Gears of War

Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Need for Speed: Underground

Burnout: Paradise

Steam Games:

Garry's Mod

Counter Strike: Source

Half-Life 2: Death Match

Team Fortress 2

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

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