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  1. while eating breakfast, staring at my computer screen and hearing bird sing I wondered whats the meaning of life? - or short: RANDOMNESS FTW XD


    1. Fragment


      Wooooo yea... oh right i work booooo.

    2. Ishimizu


      aww that sux ><

  3. me making pentatonic music is odd... but fun XD

  4. for being to dumb to find the new maps I simply hang around the good ol' cathedral... >

    1. Akurei Yoshima

      Akurei Yoshima

      i like the music there.

    2. Ishimizu


      same... I like the one of the anti-cathedral even more thought XD


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    2. Akurei Yoshima

      Akurei Yoshima

      there're new maps? i've been off the world too long...

    3. Ishimizu


      simply start the game and look at the tavern XD

    4. Akurei Yoshima

      Akurei Yoshima

      okay, to the tavern! hopefully, we don't get drunk...

  6. did that twice... I even deleted everything that was left after uninstalling... still the same :'O
  7. well.. at the update screen it simply says that the "server seems to be offline" (under that banner above the news) ignoring that and starting the game it does what is ushually does but when trying to connect it gives a little window saying "Could not connect to server" and then asks if I still want to continue so I can try again from the main menu... when I click on connect there I simply get the same windows saying "Could not connect to server" again... :'|
  8. ahm... yeah, sorry for asking so stupidly but... is the server down for three days or is it just me? This is the third day I try to log on and still no connection... And I couldn`t find something in the announcments either... so... yah... :'|
  9. meh my computer su**ed a while but now I'll start mapping more serius... hope I will make some usefull stuff XD
  10. to answere your question: Ingame I play a female chara called Neaera... I used to have other charas... cant remember the names though... @topic: I do like this map called G... it has a mayor seizure effect though....
  11. hmm... guess the Anti-Cathedral as well as Sol, Neo and the outskirts of the maze... o.o BUT dosn't matter for I am virtually certain that noone remembers me :'|
  12. yeah... you can find them... ya just have to search a little :D XD
  13. BANNED for not 'btw-ing' btw.: it always ends up that one thing is slaughterred till nothing is possible with it anymore...
  14. BANNED for to often using 'guilty' oO btw.: your guilty XD
  15. banned for banning before I could ban... Were did I read that plooka plooka once damn... cant remember
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