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  1. Greetings everyone. I saw these from Youtube about the MMD 4 Final Cup Challenge few months earlier. These videos are Rated-18, so you better be 18 years or older to watch them, or terrorizing things will befall to you if you are not. Anyway, enjoy...at your own risk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zcd-cUXvBohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xtjIGyQvzQ
  2. This summary has been posted by Kuukai from the dothackers.net site about the upcoming continuation of dothack known as .hack//Quantum. It is coming soon on November 27, 2010. Give credit to him or her :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO6sJOcluHo&feature=player_embedded I really love [The World Revision X] soo bad, because the game system is getting more unique than ever. I wonder who is that mysterious small cat warrior player spying on the three main characters...I guess we have to find out soon enough.
  3. Finally update the full version of Touhou Kinema Kan 2. Enjoy watching upon my first post. Comment of what you think about the video and add some favorites to your liking and so on.
  5. Also in another idea that comes into mind, how about posting the whole 100 different listed types of Classes separately into another topic and make the audience decide which is best to put into the game.
  6. Hmm...really interesting. I must inform this to Anji-sempai and Demora-sempai... Anyway, I like your ideas, but the towns and cities has to be renamed into a more interesting name. Not from an average basic word like "Sunrise City" as an example...no offensive, sorry.
  7. Konnichi wa and Hello. An update has occurred since March 29, 2010. It has been a while but here is the video of Touhou Kinema Kan (Season 2). There are two openings, an ending, and the chibi motion vid in the middle. Enjoy watching it. Konnichi wa and Hello. An update has occurred here in this post since March 4, 2010. A new video has been brought about once again. On behalf of Anji-sempai and Demora-sempai's favors (since they are busy at the moment), Touhou Kinema Kan's full 3-minute opening has already been leaked in Youtube. Enjoy watching the astounding Japanese animation feel. This might be the best one ever yet that I have ever seen. ???????????????????????????2nd?PV?[Touhou] Konnichi wa and Hello, This is Anona speaking to everyone here. Anji-sempai and Demora-sempai are adventuring somewhere off in another dimension again to search for unusual mystical items, so I am here to post a video on behalf from them. This video is very interesting as I love Touhou very much. A new anime is coming soon. So wait for it until March 14, 2010. Enjoy this short video clip trailer below.
  8. Anji and Demora:D/b] "Eeeeeeehhhhh!?" Demora Roru Aurarios:P/b] "Well, that was unexpected." Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Me too." *Anona giggles.* That was typical for you guys.
  9. Chapter 233, the extra chapter special has now been released. Aww...I cannot believe that the two main chara lovers have the same "Tsubasa" names in the end *coughstheirrealnamescourghs*. xxxHolic will continue onward for the resolution...I guess...
  10. ATTENTION!! A new update from my first post has been updated for the latest trailer up-to-date. The trailer is the Pilot Edition that was released since the end of September. Enjoy watching it and comment what you think.
  11. It is only a fictional story, it does not exist like that in the real world though...
  12. And which company is that my friend? Are you talking about CC2 Japanese site or the fictional game? If you mention CC2, do not blame them they are very popular right now. And also the reason they are making the last few dothack series is that they are busy making new games for the Naruto.
  13. You are not the only who is in-game...I am guessing that the BBS and the game itself have not synchronizing equally...
  14. I have read the latest manga chapters of "xxxHolic" and I see a time skip here about four years later as Watanuki now permanently or temporarily lives in Yuuko's Wish-Granting Shop. And also Doumeki is visiting the shop everyday, some returning characters had appeared and mentioned. Man, I have notice that Watanuki have change and acts similar of Yuuko...did anyone else have read those chapters? I want to hear from anybody else rather than myself.
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