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  1. I saw the preview for DB Evolution yesterday. It looked alright.
  2. Jeod

    On File Attachments

    We can attach them.
  3. Jeod

    On File Attachments

    Ok, Walnut fixed it. Everything should work now.
  4. It seems that xcf files are not accepted by the site. I tried uploading one and the topic turned to this. Just a warning for everyone else.
  5. Jeod


    I'm just making sure this doesn't turn into a ZFGC clone where the staff is corrupt. I'm not accusing anyone.
  6. Jeod


    Yeah but we also need the admins to get along with the community and be able to make fair decisions. For example, if one breaks the rules severely, the others need to be good enough to demote him/her.
  7. Jeod


    Too many administrators for the userbase as of now. I think we should limit ourselves to two or three until we have 20+ members.
  8. Jeod


    Current staff administrators are gm112, Porkchop, and Walnut100. All in all, a good team in my opinion. However, as is tradition with Gamers and Developers Unlimited's policy, it is my objection to enable the community to choose the staff. Here's what happens. -Current staff should post background info, indicating how they got to the position and why they should stay in it. -Community should also post background info about themselves and state what they think they can contribute if they were on staff. -Community should nominate 2-3 administrators for staff, and 2 global moderators for staff
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