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  1. Happy New Year's everybody!! May this coming year bring you all plenty of love and good fortune!!! 🎉
  2. It's nice to see you again too, FISSURE!! : D I hope you're having a great holiday season~ That's such a great pick!! Sounds like it's full of fond memories for you! ^ ^
  3. Hi FISSURE!! : D Of all the games you've played, which is one you can always go back to and never get bored of?
  4. Happy (late) Thanksgiving, everyone!! ❤️ And happy birthday to your brother, FISSURE! : D Hope he had a good one!!
  5. I'll lighten it up a bit but also because wow colors
  6. Was that Crim? It doesn't show a name attached to the quote on my end. Honestly besides the first line of the peridot water thing and the banner I don't remember anything about my sig, haha.
  7. Such smooth jamz. Both very beautiful.
  8. Nope! I've heard the name before though. No clue what it's about.
  9. It's basically become tradition to watch Hocus Pocus at least once before Halloween! : >
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