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  1. Unrelated: It seems I cannot ban walnut100. Carry on.
  2. https://forum.gd-u.com/index.php?app=ccs I probably shouldn't be a mod.
  3. Do tell. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Whoooooooa O: very cool :D
  5. OBVIOUSLY SPAM jk rift is kind of neat
  6. Banned for not abusing admin powers also for having a -1 rating for that post
  7. Winnar

    ban game

    I don't think anyone wants me to play this game I play for keeps
  8. Yaaaaaaay email walnut100 for best gduser 2010
  9. I totally bought How To Train Your Dragon blu-ray today. yesssssssss
  10. Wow what a dick XFD Aw dude come on it's so good like 40'ish hours in 3 days good o_O
  11. Guys I was talking to wally all the time the last few days. He's seriously worked on this every day for a lot of hours, so give him some mad props give him all the props every prop that you own
  12. I highlighted half your post it was awesome
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