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  1. Still Checking out the forums, so I haven't dissappeared :P

    1. Crim
    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      What it is you are talking about willace?

    3. Willace


      lol, I'm more like a forum ninja now+

  2. Willace


    Hey guys congratulations on getting the new site up, it really looks nice. Also just wanted to let everyone know I'm still checking up on things, trying to keep on the up n up, I just don't always log in or post nething... cause I'm lazy like that xD
  3. A computer will never be able to paint a Michelangelo, a Van Gogh, or Because it has it has no emotion, it has no soul... So yeah it's possible... but really if you want the best maps... get yourself a human not a machine... plus Luke is working hard enough making the game himself, to spend time programming this would be a waste imo...
  4. lol, but you were the one who posted below her first :P (this post doesn't count for who i am posting under btw) okay ???? Crim you posted below me right, so I made you a sig... But you didn't make me one... Soooo if I posted under blood, she would have to make me a sig but I wouldn't, but if blood posted under you then u'd have to make blood a sig...
  5. Silly crim it's make a sig for the person that posts below you... So if I posted under blood wouldve had to make me a sig :D but I already got a sig so no worrys
  6. Don't feel bad i'm used to it, when I used to roleplay, my name was Ikusa and I got all sorts of interesting mis-spellings of that one, Im used to it. Just remember Willace :D
  7. Actually they do... :D :P Oh no I just posted below you lol jk Don't worry about it, the idea is to have Fun...
  8. Forgive my being slow :D Kinda got busy this weekend so here's your Sig Crim Static: Dynamic:
  9. I was searching the forums when a great idea came to me. Then I had another one, which was this. Make a signiture for the person who posts below you. The rules are simple just make a siggy for the person below you. It can be animated, colorful, big, small, still, moving, boring, action...y? Ssh it's a word. Anyway the idea is completely yours as the maker and the reciever has to put it in their sig for at least a week. Please be curtious, so keep it clean, keep it nice, an keep it fun. ^-^Your signiture doesn't have to be artistically great, or good, make stick figures if you want. Use MS Paint, hand draw it. Also, it would nice if the artist would put "made by *insert your username here*" somewhere on the signiture, so we know you is responsible for this crap... I mean lovely piece of artwork ;D So here's an outline of how it works. 1.Post 2. wait for someone to post under you 3. make that person's sig 4. Post that sig + + this doesn't count as a person below so say you post then someone post's a sig under your post, you don't make a sig for the person who posted the sig, same for a thank you post :D
  10. This should be fun, I'll upload the one yesterday and today later on...
  11. If a tree falls and nobody is the to hear it... Will it fall on a monkey and make it rain cream cheese?
  12. For some reason I could post this for the longest time on my other computer. Then I forgot about it :D So my extreme apologies Aegis. I cannot view your video file it is marked as private... So I can't view it, but thanks for your help ^n_n^
  13. How Maxk Gaem? Lol but I think game maker I where you should start... Game maker will get you familar with the gamaking jargon without making you want to throw your computer out of the window. If you like then try a programming language. This is why. Game maker is fantastic but is limited by using a programming language your not. Game maker is a fantastic program, in fact this game is made (or at least was) with gamemaker. However Gamemaker is xtremely limited and you'll never be able to make an mmo with only game maker. This game incorperates c++, GML, and C#... I suggest you learn C# not C++ because it's supposed to be better idk maybe just listen to GM... After all, I am no programmer I just make the pretty things in games.
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