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  1. when is it gonna be available for us i was told like 5months ago and its still not ready

    I doubt they have any plans of releasing a 3d version at all (and I believe they've stated that in the forums), but even if they did create one, they would probably want to finish the 2d version they're working on right now first.

  2. i don't see it o well.

    I don't really know either. I guess since the hint is "binary for a" we could assume the a is for the "a" in Mac Anu. Or, "a" is the first letter in the alphabet, and Mac Anu is the first town in .Hack//GU. These are pretty far fecthed, but it's a really loose connection I guess :P

  3. It must be an area, but not a keyword, because I just signed into the game (I just lost...), and I tried everything with those hints and nothing worked.

    Sorry for the double post, I'm gonna do it because I use vak kruz on my old post.

    but there is no npcs so your post is horrid :D

    Yeah, the whole post threw me for a loop, and I tried every possibility as well. For anyone else who decides to visit this post, the original post was:

    It's gm112's post in particular that seemed like a code word, but as stated above, it doesn't work at all.

  4. Dantes, please don't make such one word posts.

    Something along the lines of "what do you mean by X?" would be a lot clearer, a lot less confusing and a lot less spam like.

    This is a forum after all, not a real life, real time chat.

    Even if it was a real life, real time chat, I doubt saying "huh" 8 months after everyone stopped talking would make much sense either though >_<

    If you want to try to continue the exact same conversation in an old topic, exactly from where it left off, you can try for sure, but considering how old it is and how people move on all the time, perhaps PMing the member about whatever you wanted to ask them would get far better results.

    Lol, my bad. I'm still kinda new to forums, so my etiquitte isn't really 100% :P Looking back on it a day later, i can see how useless my post really is.

  5. Hey, I was browsing through the forums and I came across a post about the unoffical event where someone had to find the cookie, the cookie actually turning out to be a person. Anyway, someone posted this:

    "The cookie is in "B<x><x>"... <x> is an unknown letter =). The third letter is the 9th letter in the alphabet. The second one will make the three letter combinations make sense. Once you've figured it out, try it and eat the cookie. =)"

    My question is, is this an area keyword? Because I thought I had all of the current words (22), but none of them match this hint. ANyway, a little veteran advice for this poor noob would really be appreciated. Thanks ;)

  6. The cookie is in "B<x><x>"... <x> is an unknown letter =). The third letter is the 9th letter in the alphabet. The second one will make the three letter combinations make sense. Once you've figured it out, try it and eat the cookie. =)

    I don't get it... Is it an area code? Because I thought I had all 22 codes, but none of them fit that clue. (Sry for sounding like such a noob XD )

  7. thats how i felt when i found out about this 6 years ago.. but they got lazy, and i stayed here waiting on my fat butt hoping it would be done...

    rofl, im kidding, i don't blame you for being excited. it will be amazing once its finished.

    Lucky for me I got here late, so the rush is still new for me. Still, until it's done, it's just nice to hang out with all of you and think of "what will be", y'know?

  8. I got to meet another person today, although this meeting was even more cryptic than the first. As I stood in Sol Areia, trying to figure out more gate keys, a girl logged in. She immediately leaned against a low wall, facing away from me. Since I hadn't seen many people in The World yet, I was a little nervous, but I eventually said "Hi". A few moments of silence, and then she replied with "...zzz...". I thought to myself, am I really this boring? I decided to leave and head to my favorite spot for awhile.

    A few minutes later, I found myself back in town. The girl was still there, but she quickly ran under a palm tree. I followed her, I'm still not sure why. Maybe I was just excited to see another person. She turned around and smiled, then disappeared. I yelled out "Hey, wait!!!" But it was too late. She had already left The World.

    Sadly, I can't remember her name....

  9. There will definitely be classes. Just have been working on more basic stuff before getting to that first though.

    Yay! And sorry, I don't mean to rush you, I'm just really excited is all :)

  10. Considering "The World" currently has only a handful of members with no npcs or monsters, let alone items or a combat system, it sure has kept me busy for the last couple of days. In fact, today I had a nasty stomache ache, so rather than going out I retired to The World for the day. In a matter of minutes I ran into Kao, my long time friend in real life. We began comparing ideas hoping to find new maps.

    Before long, I met Apeiron, who gave us cryptic clues to help in our search for maps. It turned out to be a really fun day, and I'm proud to say my map count is up to 20, including the two invisible maps. Not sure how many are out there, but I plan to find em' all while I wait for The World to be completed!

    Thanx guys for making one of my first days here so much fun!

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